Spiritual Healing Arts
Each life is but a page in the everlasting, infinite and ever expanding book of the experiences of love living life, with its own story to tell.  We hope that you enjoy your story, as you write it.



"You know not how close you come to touching the face of God, as you touch and are touched by each other."
- Dr Peebles through Thomas Jacobson 1991



   As someone is dying, the focus of the consciousness of the physical world does not immediately stop. However as the acceptance of death becomes more concrete, the consciousness withdraws from the physical body and becomes more aware of a greater reality.


  In general, people get what they expect to get when they pass, although the collective belief about life after death has changed over the years.


   One of the difficult things to grasp, however, is that when you "die" you don't go anywhere. When you are enlightened or realize that you have different lifetimes, you don't go
anywhere. Instead, you realize that you are already there and that you exist forever in the Unified Field of Consciousness.


  Death is an illusion. So, what you in the physical world mourn is the physical reality of
someone you cared about. Some call this "grieving over love not explored".  However, because the soul never dies, you may still be in touch with the dearly "departed" (that didn't go anywhere) as you become still and listen.


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When someone dies, the focus of the consciousness doesn't immediately stop.
However as the acceptance of death becomes more concrete, the consciousness
withdraws from the physical body and becomes more aware of the greater reality.

People get what they expect to get when they pass, although the collective belief of life after death has changed. Fewer people believe in hellfire and damnation. Those who do will very quickly create that reality for themselves until they realize that they do not have to do so.


For, All truely is Love, Light and Life!




Reality is a perception and where you are stuck, where the humanities are stuck, in the limiting beliefs about who they are, so that at this moment it is believed that it is too terrifying to be open to the universe.  But, that is slowly changing.

The first step, then, is to take responsibility for your life, and that is to acknowledge that through the emotions (your electromagnetic energies that create motion) of your dreams, wishes, attitudes, beliefs, choices, desires and fantasies, you create it all.

Then, as you acknowledge that, your second step is to say that everything is perfect because you are the Perfect Extension and Expression of Creation ... witnessed in the fact that you are "Perfectly Human".

Now, this is the quantum leap ... to understand these things intellectually so that you may emotionally be available to experience the connectedness, just for the joy and love of it ALL!


A DREAM ABOUT MARTINE  - Assisted by Martine?

Sunday, Apr 14 I was near the water or ocean (inspired by my experience as I took the pictures at Dayna Point?).

I thought I saw our puppy "Spirit" there, but as I looked closer, I saw that it was a white leaf, with folds such that it was shaped like his head with dark places where his eyes would be and a black shady spot where his nose would be, and it even had the shape of his ears, with dark places where they stand out from his head.

Then, I realized that this was showing me how a reality in one dimensional expression could appear in another reality, even though in a different form and made of different "stuff", yet be a representation from a "truth" from another reality ... peeking through, so to speak, and even bringing the perceiver a message (of love).

There were many animals nearby and possibly small children and other people, but I was noticing the animals (that Martine plays with?).  There were a few dogs and other small
animals that stood out, but I did not recognize any from "this" (physical life or) world.

Then I heard someone talking to me. I turned around and it seemed to be one of the animals, possibly a dog. Yet I did not see the mouth move and the voice also seemed to come out of the thin air.

(What did the voice tell me?)




"As we look upon the face of God, in the mirror of our own soul, we may touch the unknown, and know that we are one with The All That Is." - Lana Ante


"You are a vibrational frequency and that is the grander reality of each of you, although you perceive yourselves as very solid and very physical. The truth of you is that you exist as an energetic vibration. Everything in your existence exists as an energetic vibration, the only way you can tell the difference between you and anything else is that you vibrate at a different frequency (and magnitude). This is your spiritual essence." - Lightsource P'taah (July 2013)

LIFE IS CHOSEN AND PREDESTINED ... all at the same time!

Here (below) is a book that may help you or a friend understand "Life Lived as Love" a little better.

Chapter 6 deals with the death of a loved one.

Loss of a Loved One


“Learn to pierce the veil. None are ever truly lost. If you knew that by stretching your faculties you could reach the souls of those who loved you, would you feel the loss as much? They are no longer with you to go on picnics or do the dishes or attend your child’s graduation in form [body], but they can still see. Affection for souls does not die. How many people see their parents or grandparents dead for what they consider many, many years, and yet the love is still strong and vibrant? When one is lost, be assured all that needed to be gained has been gained from that personality. If one is lost, if a personality discorporates, take those treasures and move forward with them in your own life. Whether one dies at forty or eighty, the life has been lived as it was meant to be lived.”


The above is from "Your Soul's Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born" (p. 226), by Robert Schwartz(2010-05-14) North Atlantic Books. Kindle Edition.



God is gravity.

Desire is gravity.

Love is the gravity of desire.

God is Love.

Love creates life.

Life is living love, in action.


... of awareness and a new realization of the soul purpose of life!

"Glorify who you are today, do not condemn who you were yesterday, and dream of who you can be tomorrow."   However, "You can remain in your present idea about yourself, or you can choose again." ... at a higher level. "I like the idea of choosing again." ... at a grander level.


- The quote is from Neale Donald Walsch, but this was Martine's idea (as later found in a computer file), so she was tready to take a quantum leap of inner awareness, beyond the earth, the body and the logical mind into the realms of universal mind and unconditional love.


Many think that these words, reportedly spoken by Jesus, were unique to him. 

In fact, these words apply to each and every one of us and our loved ones, before this life as well as after, for there is no separation of life or love in spirit ... yes, even no separation in place or time.

As all separation, within this unity of consciousness is of our own creation through a shift in perception. choice or thought.  Thus, some people who are more open minded and open hearted are able to see or hear loved ones who have passed from this awareness, into the Greater Expanded Awareness, we call "Heaven".  And so it is for Martine, you and me ... each one ... just as Jesus told us.

We only "imagine" that we are separated. So, being the creators that we are (made in the image and likeness of God) we dream and then make our choices to perceive our believed REALities ... coordinated on inner levels so that they appear as one; because they really are all part of The One!

Scroll down to the picture of Oak Creek by Cathedral Rocks to find out about John's SNDE.

Later, Martine told me, "I am here, you are there and we are ONE."

"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe." - John Muir

Beautiful Places to Visit ... as life (on both sides of the veil) continues

The Living Spirit is the Source of all consciousness, energy, existence, movement and life.  Thus, it is constantly evolving, growing and expanding in the process of becoming greater and greater existence, realized.  So it is that Everlasting Life is continuing, for Martine, John, Spirit, Nephtys ... and you ... throught this time of rebirth and renewal called SPRINGTIME..


Martine is on her Universally Divine Everlasting Life Path, now, much as she often walked this path (pictured), in love, peace and joy with a feeling of healing, along Oak Creek, near Sedona, AZ.

Is that her soul energy that I see, in the mist in front of the tree next to the path?


Somewhere along this path are some ashes that carry Martine's love vibration.  You might even feel that energy if you decide to walk this path.


Death is not the end of Martine's "Life Path", as it continues for ever, through worlds without end.

Pictured here, is one of Martine's favorite benches, along Oak Creek, where she would often sit, relax, enjoy and commune with nature, or as she said, "become healed by the Red Rocks of Sedona".


In the background is "Cathedral Rocks", one of the famed  "vortexes"  in the Sedona area.

Somewhere nearby, some of her energy, from the bones of her body, is mixed with aging white leaves, back to The Goddess (Mother Earth) and healing the world with love as Martine now relaxes and heals in peace and everlasting love.


February 2013

While in Sedona, I bought a scoop of coffee ice cream with whipped cream on top, with the Cold Stone Creamery with a Gift Card that Martine had given me last Father's Day.  What she told me at the time was, "You can use it on trips to California, or something".  (Did Martine know I would really be using it today?  Of course I ate my ice cream with Spirit puppy at my feet and tears of joy mixed with tears of sadness.)


P.S.  Martine had this same combination of ingredients when we visited Sedona last September, except she called it "LE CAFÉ LIÈGEOIS"

Unconditional love is whole and complete in and of itself.  Thus, it needs no "jusatification".



John and his little traveling companion Spirit, went to visit the place that, as a small girl in France, Martine dreamed of visiting, someday.  Accompanied by his youngest daughter and her husband, they all went to the Grand Canyon in early March, 2013.


Each one commented, after visiting the canyon, that they had each seen a new place or a new sight, on this visit.

Death encourages new life and new awareness!

John  intends to go back on a regular basis.


This picture was taken by John's daughter Becky. March 2013.

While at the Grand Canyon (like many other visitors), John spread some of Martine's former vital essence around a couple of trees next to the canyon, so that the minerals in Martine's ashes will nourish those trees, as they (and the consciousness still contained in those ashes) overlook the beauties and wonders of nature ... billions of years in the making. 


This is what the ancients called "Physical Reincarnation" or "Bodily Resurrection" ... even in a completely different form, or "body".


Love and spiritual energy is forever, but it does change form, often.

Here is a little better view if the Grand Canyon and the earthscape on either side of this vast chasm.

Like, yet unlike the Grand Canyon, the distance between "the other side", or Heaven, and "here" does not exist, except in our minds, due to the Illusions of Separation that others have instilled in us. 

In fact, we are constantly connected in consciousness with All-That-Is, which includes all that is.

And so it has been said that, "Martine is as close as your own breath".

  As Martine's soul is (and always has been) with God, her earthly remains are returning to the Goddess; to become one with Mother Earth (again), from whence all the chemicals for her physical expression of life on earth have manifested ... and so, must return. (Nature recycles!)



Somewhere in the Prescott Dells, I found this pretty, secluded, spot, accessible only on foot, where several forms of plant life was abundant and  growing, from grasses to cacti, to pine and oak trees along with some small flowering plants.


What are the Prescott Dells?  This is a large Pluton (a molten mass) of granite that pushed up near the surface of the earth, some 1.75 Billion years ago ... now uncovered due to errosion.  As the rock cooled, it shrunk, causing cracks.  These have been widened with erosion, to form large and small canyons and valleys. 


This was one of the attractions to this area of Prescott, for Martine.  Thus, some ashes have been lovingly placed there to give added energy to the life of the area.  


And Life continues in and amongst these ancient rocks, for billions of years in the "future" of everlasting lives.


A quantum leap - April 2013

  Though the physical expression goes "from dust to dust", the loving essence, or soul, lives on to see and express yet another day, time again and again, by love and grace, through eons of "time" and the multidimensions of "space", traveling in consciousness with the light within the realms of electromagnetics and the gravity of love.



Here is a picture of the largest Ramada in Fain Park (in Prescott Valley, AZ) where Martine, John and Spirit (in photo)  enjoyed many summer time Church pot luck picnics and (in 2012) a Prescott French Club rainy summer afternoon pot luck.

This is a beautiful place to come and relax, walk a dog or fish in Fain Lake.  In this photo, taken Aprol 2013, you can see Martine's dog Spirit and the ray of light shining to the ground!  (She took a quantum leap to be there!)


A new memorial tree dedicated to Martine will be planted nearby, by April 2014.


Adjacent to the Ramada (shown above) is "Inspiration Trail", as noted on the sign on the right in this photo.  This trail leads to Fain Chapel, built to honor Nancy Fain.  Martine worked for the Fain family, in her last job as accounting supervisor, so this is a "fitting" picture to memorialize who and what Martine was to her world.

However, Martine's path does not end at a chapel or church, as she believes in, helped build and support a new way, a new thought. more open and less restrictive than most religions - The Way of Love.  What she did in her life on earth could even be called spreading an updated version of the Good News (known as "Gospel" in Greek), that God-Goddess loves All Life and thus, all people.  Love is The Way!

To learn more about Martine and John's legacy to this world, set your browser to: www.MysticalSpiritualistChurch.org

Humanity is in the place of being closed, being victim, being in the negative judgment and the terror of being discovered to be not enough, thus in the physicaol, we are closing our hearts, which closes our connections with All-That-Is (including other human beings) out of the terror of being discovered to be not enough. 

So as we close off, in fear, that fear precludes the possibility to be in the allowance of the flow of our divine connectedness.


Fortunately, in death we lose most of these  fears!   


Martine loved to walk with John and the dogs (first Darty and later Spirit) along the walkway on the island at Dayna Point in California.  We would often take some time to sit and watch the sail boats, kayaks, speed boats, yachts and paddle boarders go by, to or from the ocean or the marina.

So, in April, John and Spirit visited some of Martine's favorite spots by the ocean and left a small memento of our love.


This photo was taken from one of those "sit and relax" places.



On our last trip to California, together - in May 2012 - we had planned to go to the ocean so Martine could put her feet in the ocean and reenergize.  However, due to "mix ups", our plans changed and we returned to Arizona without renewing Martine's connection to Mother earth through the Ocean. 


So, in April 2013, John and Spirit visited the ocean to drop some of Martine's physical remains, so "Martine can dip her toes into the Pacific when ever she wants" ... as if, in spirit, she couldn't?

As all creation is simply made from the different frequencies (as well as wave shapes and magnitudes) of the vibrations of Love (or God, or Light) ... So, indeed, THERE IS NO SEPARATION, except as we, being made in the image and likeness of God, create that illusion.



Though I went to Renee's , one of Martine's favorite French style restaurants, in Sedona for a Mother's Day dinner, I made a special trip on May Day, prior to that, to place some of her physical energies near Cathedral Rocks, as seen in the background of this picture.  This was one of her favorite rock structures near Sedona.


However, in my inner vision, I saw that she wanted her energies to be near green leaves (as seen to the left), yet by the water.  So, I chose a spot near where this picture was taken to honor Martine and her souls (1945-2013) earthly experiences

Click this image to find out more about SNDEs

Martine loved Oak Creek, as it runs through Sedona Arizona.  She loved being by the creek, both inside Crescent Moon Park and up stream from the park.  So, she asked me to leave some of her earthly energies by the waterfall, similar to the ones she showed me in an SNDE (Shared Near Death Experience) just before making her final transition/transformation into greater light.
Martine not only loved the creeks and rivers, but she grew to love the desert as well!



As Martine and I found that we liked to go to Palm Springs Restaurant Week, usually the first week of June, I scheduled a vacation in Palm Desert (where there are several French restaurants that she liked).


Pictured here is one of her favorite resorts in the area, at sundown.  This is the Desert Beauty she got to love ... eventually.


So, there is now a bit of her physical structure and energetic essence near this spot.



SUNRISE on the golf courses, palm trees and mountains in the lower desert of Southern California. 

This photo only gives us a hint of the beauties that our souls have experienced between lives and will experience as we each graduate beyond this one, into the vast oneness of light and love in a greater, expanded awareness of everlasting life, light and love ... where You Are Never Alone, because you/I/we/God and Goddess are all one.

While watching a Clint Eastwood movie about a psychic and his Near Death Experience (NDE), I "heard" Martine say, "I may be dead, but I'm not gone!"  (17 July 2013)

Tonto Creek as seen from the Kohls' Ranch Bridge


Commerating our first vacation trip to Arizona in 2002, on our August wedding anniversary in 2013, I drove east of Payson to where AZ Hwy 260 crosses Tonto Creek.  This is where Martine and I spent a glorious week enjoying the freedoms of nature, with the trees, the animals and the summer monsoon rains ... so many good memories, years ago!


And the unbrned bine particles from Martines cremated physical temple fell where they may ... further nourishing ALL OF LIFE, forever!

TIME is nothing but "Quantified" Eternity. - P'taah Lightsource



11 August, Spirit and I were in Sedona.  We drove to the parking lot at the end of the pavement on Schnebly Hill Dr.

We then walked out the "Scenic View" trail and left some of Martin'e cremation remains where one can see the Mingus Mountains to the west.  These mountains are also visible from Prescott Valley.  PHOTO: Blazing Sunset from Schnebly Hill. (2003)

Note the "glow" around Martine ... as she waits for a French style Mother's Day dinner in Sedona, while wearing a necklace that she made.

(Photo from 2010, at Rene at Tlaquepaque)

A COMMENTARY by Rev. John (Martine's husband)

  So our "Dearly departed" loved ones are just in another dimension that coincides and comingles with this one.  We call this Heaven, because it is a new awareness of a broader perspective; without all the restrictions we have put on our earthly selves!  So it is that, loved ones still exist in our hearts and we in theirs, for love (and thus all energy) never dies; it only expands, transforms and/or moves.

As one of my good friends says, we live in an "Illusion of Separation" ... which is our purely physical outlook!  But modern science is finding new unities that religion forgot, yet John Muir knew 100 years ago, when he said; "When you look deep enough into nature, you find everything hitched to everything else".

So where is Heaven?   Luke 21:17 says ... depending on the "translation"

"You won't be able to say, 'Here it is!' or 'It's over there!' For the Kingdom of God is already among you."


"One cannot say, 'It is hither!' or 'It is yond!' For the Kingdom is within you."

Talking with the Indians


January 12, 2014, I took a hike ... to some of the dwellings deep in Walnut Canyon National Monument, about 10 miles east of Flagstaff, AZ.  Picturted are a couple of cliff dwellings perched under an overhang.  Nearby, I spread some of Martine's ashes, some of which traveled on the wind to parts unknown ... just like her soul does often, now and when she used to travel out of the body.

The Gospel of Thomas, Saying 3:


 Jesus said: If those who lead you say unto you: Behold, the Kingdom is
in heaven, then the birds of the heaven will be before you. If they say unto
you: It is in the sea, then the fish will be before you. But the Kingdom is
within you, and it is outside of you. When you know yourselves, then shall you
be known, and you shall know that you are the sons [and daughters] of the living Father.

But if ye do not know yourselves, then you are in poverty, and you are poverty.


is like butterflies laying their eggs which hatch into caterpillars that then transform in to butterflies

thus completing the cycle of life transforming itself


As the Naturalist (Natural Philosopher and Scientist of his day) John Muir said, "In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks."


My wife released her soul's hold on her body, 30 January 2013, so she could enjoy these and many other beauties of the Multiverses.


My brother Bill found this to be true on his last hike in nature, where he saw butterflies, lizards and a wood pecker.  And all this beauty and wonder of life doing what it does, quite naturally, touched his heart so deeply that he had a "heart attack", which opened him to worlds beyond our senses.  Thus he released from his body on 24 September 2013, so he could enjoy all these wonders and more!

"In the greater Scheme of things (Life itself) we're all here to help each other, whether we partner in marriage, business or socially." Everything is in divine right order." Thus we have graduations into and out of relationships with each other. All this is orchestrated more in the spiritual level than the physical, thus wqe don't always understand the "perfection of life" in physical, judgmental and moral terms. This is a piece of what happened between Martine and myself.  (For our greater understanding at the Soul Level)

Thus, there really is no one or place for blame or sorrow in the passing of a loved one or a relationship; as things are truly as they are supposed to be!  NOT TO WORRY!


 OF MARTINE AND HER BONE ASHES - in beauty and wonder!