Spiritual Healing Arts

Welcome to our site, dedicated to The Living Spirit, as it comes forth through the Light of Healing, of Life and the Arts ... as the boundless creativity of Source creates more life, light and love, upon the earth and in every where!

Like life itself, any therapy is a journey or a process of discovery.  Some call this "healing".  
We are all involved in this grand, forever process, of discovering Who we were, Who we are and Who we would like to be next ... and seeing each of these from new perspectives as we grow and become more whole. Wholeness,by the way, is what some have called Holiness.
The goods and services presented here are from Rev. John M. Kohlenberger, HHP, a multi-talanted individual.  John may be contacted at (928) 776-1686 or (949) 246-25124.

YOU are the Magic, the Creator and the Wizzard that creates your own life!

Read the text to the right to see how.

WELCOME to this Home Page where you find a Celebration of ... Spirituality, Healing and the Arts!

Spiritual Healing Arts
Transcendental healing with the Light of Love
What is this Home Page all about?
Home is the place of total embracement, of love and acceptance; that is wholeness and holiness.  
Home is where the Goddess-God of you resides and where you know that death is an illusion.

This site is a Melding of the Ancient Spiritualities, Metaphysics, and the Arts of Oriental Healing, Inspired Graphics and Words, along with modern Philosophies and Knowledge of the Sciences of Anatomy, Biology, Physiology, and even Quantum Mechanics.

"... but the greatest of these is Love" 1 Corinthians 13

Down to Earth, but with assistance from The other Side!

"There are no Human attributes on the other side of the veil, save one - the love that you know is real, for it is also powerful on earth.  However there are several things that pass through the veil (that you can take with you) untouched.  They are (the Beauties of) love, music, art, creativity and the desire for home."  - Kryon (Book 12)

Home is where the Heart is ... along with the love that moves matter and people ...

So, here on this Home Page, we get right to the heart of the matter!


The focus of this website is about personal spirituality, our response abilities channeled through individual healing and the arts as they combine with love to unify, enable and support your (and our) spiritual, emotional, psychological, mental, and physical wellbeing.  These properties come from beyond our limited physical world to this website through a combination of John using his talents as a Creative Artist, Engineer, Philosopher, Scientist, Musician, Mystical Minister, Holistic Health Practitioner and Spiritual Healer and Martine (his wife, now on the other side of the veil of forgetfulness) employing her training (with diplomas and experience) as a Chef, Massage Therapist, Astrologer, Accountant, Numerologist and Spiritual Seer or Clairvoyant. Life is so much simpl;er for her, now.

Despite the whirling and swirling of the universe within and around us ...

peace may be found within, for it is the bursts of love and its movements that created you  and this is how you came into consciousness and Being.



Reverend John is a native Southern Californian and is a Mystical Minister and a Spiritual Healer, now in Central Arizona.  He still often visits Southern California as a Speaker, Mystical Minister, Spiritual and Inspirational Healer. 

Reverend Martine Kohlenberger, though born in Paris France to parents who were, what some religious purists would call "non-believers", aided her in realizing her many spiritual attributes and healing talents, despite any labels.

Within what many know as "Everlasting Life", John and Martine have been together during many lifetimes, of course with different aliases and modes of living around the world and elsewhere.  They are in a process of forming a new "Group Soul" ... which of course is a step along the way with consciously merging with the Grandest Group Soul of all, the One Soul, often called God.  Yes, we are all a part of that energy already; we just aren't aware of that, here in our human form.



The year 2013 marked a new direction in the continuation of the expansion of the natural talents, abilities and uniqueness  that these two bring to the world ... to us, you, me and this website and all that it represents.  So, you are now invited to browse about this website, to your heart's content, and if you find something useful or enriching, take advantage of our products, services or advice and apply it in your life.  And, if it's not valuable then move on to what is. 


May you find JOY in all that you do or pursue!


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Spirit on Board
Who travels with you?

While my Loving Wife held my hand for several moments during her time on earth, she is now in my heart forever! - John K

YOU as Creator of Your Life ... An introduction to a little bit of John's philosophy ...

This is a sermon given at the Mystical United Spiritualist Church in Anaheim California during March 2010, by Rev. John M. Kohlenberger, HHP.  (pictured above)


Today, I speak as a Spiritualist that sees value in both religion and science, as a mystic, metaphysician, engineer, Healer and Artist.

Of late, I have come to the conclusion that this thing, process, energy, force, being, that we call God-Goddess or Creator loves to create - with a passion!

Scientists, that look through a strictly physical perception of the universe as physical, call this (process?) the Big Bang or Expanding Universe.  To me, this shows us Expanding Awareness.


Our 5 senses have come out of the expansion of our Inner Senses that some have called "The Fruits of the Spirit", which we experienced in our awarenesses of:

  • Beauty
  • Truth
  • Joy
  • Understanding & Wisdom
  • Love
  • and beyond ...   "In my Father's house are many mansions"

"Inspiration" or being "in the spirit" of ... or becoming aware of something beyond the 5 senses is how most of us perceive these gifts of the spirit, which are given to every one, in larger or smaller portions.


When I was 8 years old, my father took the family to Grand Canyon, Arizona.  I remember him pointing out into the canyon and saying "Look at all that color"... and all I saw was "dirt"!


Later, when I was in my early 20s, I took my young family to Grand Canyon, (in my 4 speed, fuel injected, 55 Chevy Nomad) along the old Route 66.  When we finally arrived, I stopped the car and got out to look at the view.  And, I saw the colors that my father had remarked about!


This story illustrates how our perception changes as we gain experience, and thus see life differently!


Thus, awareness has no limits, just as an infinite God has no limits, BUT to our limited senses, the universe seems to be infinitely creating and expanding in all directions, at an infinite range of speeds and vibrational frequencies; all at once. (And, I believe, some energies and/or particles exceed the speed of light, which puts them beyond our physical perception.)


Creation is a single on-going moment.

So, what is Infinite Immortality or "Everlasting Life"? ... Life creates death and death creates the conditions that create new life, again and again, forever.   Spiritualists,  both here and in England, as well as most people throughout the Orient know that life takes on many forms as it goes beyond the physical boundaries that we believe we are limited to.  Why or How?  Creator loves creation so much that He/She/It constantly create and re-create.  Moreover He/She and It has created co-creators, like you and me, to help create even more and better possibilities in new awareness. This is where humanity, even YOU, fit in to the Divine Creative Plans of All That Is.  And so you see varieties of humanity upon the earth creating an infinite range of situations, events, things and experiences, all based of the creative energies of love.


Thus I believe that:

"God so loves the world that He gave us each other, to love and be loved by."


So, the bottom line is that all may seek and find an intimate friend with whom to bare their heart, soul and body to, as Adam and Eve did once upon a time.  Thus, we have the expression, "Love your neighbor", where ever you are.  None of this could be a sin!


Now do we create our own lives?  Made in the image of Creator, how could we not?

How do we do this?  Simply by our perceptions and choicesChange your perceptions and you'll change your life.  Or, change your choices and you'll change your life.  Do both and you just may do miraclles!


This is evidence enough, for me, that: "GOD IS Alive and hiding in Eachoneofus".  Thus, we are Creators, even of our own lives!


As Donald Neale Walsch has so well said, "You are the Gods you've been waiting for".