Spiritual Healing Arts

Love is real, thus it may allow Many Miracles to come to our consciousness, from beyond our present understandings, into our physical life..




Accorting to Edgar Cayce's "Sources": "All force is vibration, as all comes from one central vibration and its activity into, out from, and its own creative forces, as given, with that of the divine as manifested in man, is same vibrationtaking differ­ent form". (900-422)

"...for matter is an expression of spirit in motion.. "(262-78)


"Electricity of vibration is that same en­ergy, same power, ye call God. Not that God is an electric light or an electric ma­chine, but that vibration that is creative is of that same energy as life itself." (2828-4)

"You are a vibrational frequency and that is the grander reality of each of you, although you perceive yourselves as very solid and very physical. The truth of you is that you exist as an energetic vibration. Everything in your existence exists as an energetic vibration, the only way you can tell the difference between you and anything else is that you vibrate at a different frequency (and magnitude). This is your spiritual essence." - Lightsource P'taah (July 2013)



The Above information explains, very well, how some of the phenomena described on this page come into being!


"All things, even darkness, are created according to the various densities of light." - Dr. J.M. Peebles

Words from session with an English medium on June 4th

"Martine has been learning how to travel, move into the Great Halls of Learning and work with communication and kenetic energies ..."

What do others say?

Where two or more are gathered, there is  ... THE CREATIVITY OF LOVE.


 "Where two or more vibrational energies coincide, they create an interference pattern and thus a density node that we experience as manifestation ... of events situations, ideas or even people." - Brother John k

"You are There

I am Here

and we are ONE!"

- a mesage from God, Martine and spirit 2013/08/24

Leaving the World Behind


"It was tremendously comforting for me to reconnect with Soni's essence, for I'd missed her so much during the years since

she'd gone. I felt nothing but unconditional love, both from and for her. And then, just as I experienced that, it was as though my essence merged with Soni's and I became her. I understood that she was here, there, and everywhere. She was able to be in all places at all times for all her loved ones.

- Anita Moorjani, Dying to Be Me, p66

Why do I suddenly understand all this? I wanted to know. Who's giving me this information? Is it God? Krishna? Buddha? Jesus? And then I was overwhelmed by the realization that God isn't a being, but a state of being . . . and I was now that state of being!"

- Anite Moorjani, Dying to Be Me, p 68

"Amongst the Created Universes are many Abodes."


There are many existances you know and that is wondrous because that which you term "the beings who are not tempted by the vibrancy and excitement of the experience" (upon the earth) are having their own different experience.

And it is to remind you that you also exist in those other realms. You see, not only do you exist concurrently in all of your lifetimes simultaneously, you also exist in all realms, all dimensions, simultaneously. That which is the grand soul energy of you, that which is the thread, the divine, eternal thread, it is everywhere every now.

That which is your soul energy--it is not human. Your soul is not human. Human is simply one expression, one reality, of the many realms and the many realities that you are experiencing in this Now. And of course the greater part of you are can tap into that which is this vibrancy any time. Does this answer your query, beloved?

- Given by Ptaah Lightsource

The Relativity of our  Reality 

It's all an Illusion


Time felt different in that realm, too, and I felt all moments at once. I was aware of everything that pertained to me—past, present, and future—simultaneously. I became conscious of what seemed to be simultaneous lives playing out. I seemed to have a younger brother in one incarnation, and I was protective of him. But I knew that this sibling's essence was the same as Anoop's, only in that existence, he was younger instead of older than I was. This life I was now perceiving with Anoop seemed to take place in an underdeveloped rural setting, in a time and location I couldn't identify. We were living in a sparsely furnished mud hut, and I looked after Anoop while our parents went out to work in the fields.

As I was experiencing the sensations associated with being a protective older sister, ensuring that there was enough for us to eat and we were safe from any undesirable external elements, it didn't feel like a past life. Even though the scene appeared historical, in that realm, it still felt as though it were happening here and now.

In other words, time didn't run linearly the way we experi­ence it here. It's as though our earthly minds convert what hap­pens around us into a sequence; but in actuality, when we're not expressing through our bodies, everything occurs simultaneously, whether past, present, or future."

- Anita Moorjani, Dying to Be Me, p67

Dying to LIVE!
Recommended Reading - with an open mind

Dying to Be Me, Page 109

This all meant that I was no longer able to view the world in terms of "us" and "them"—that is, victims and perpetrators. I here's no "them"; it's all "us." We're all One, products of our own creation, of all our thoughts, actions, and beliefs. Even perpetrators are victims of their own self-hatred and pain.

I no longer viewed death in the same way as others did, either, so it was very hard for me to mourn anyone. Of course, if some­one close to me passed on, I was sad because I missed them. But I no longer mourned for the deceased, because I knew they'd transc- ended to another realm, and I knew that they were happy! It's not possible to be sad there. At the same time, I also knew that even their death was perfect, and everything would unfold in the way it was meant to in the greater tapestry.


... is the experience of transcending time and space and knowing that love exists beyond earth, body, mind and all of our human created, or imagined, limitations!

The Magic Begins ... to become Real-ized ... in my External World

Stories and Situations from Realms Beyond the Physical

To begin this journey, go to the "Going Home" page to read about my NDE experience with Martine, 24 hours before her last breath on this earth.


These stories tell of a few instances indicating "Everlasting Life", "Life after death" or Metaphysics (The Latin Meaning: "beyond physics") .

Be prepared for some new awarenesses of Love, its properties, powers and the energy that it really is.


Life out of the Box ... There is No Separation

... for All Is Source

So if we want to get out of our little boxes and look at the greater expanse of life, light and love, then we simply shift our vision so that we see everything as a part of Sourcenes.


"When you look at the idea of the Unified Field of Consciousness, that is the place where there is absolutely no separation; where everything knows itself to be Sourceness. The greater part of you knows, in a way, that it is a part of a body of light beingness which is an expression of Source."

But, in fact, everything is an expression of Source. So when you go home, or die, you go back (in awareness) to this wondrous state of being, knowing exactly Who You Are, in a space of non-separation from any place or anyone.


- Inspired by P'taah, June 2014



Becoming a human, or incarnating into physical reality, is an honoring and thus a celebration of our spirituality because becoming physical requires particular creative uses of spiritual planning and energy! So, the manifested human body thus becomes a Physical Temple of Spirit, celebrating the projection of spirit, creating "another (physical) possibility" within the spiritual energies of Love and All-That-Is.
And, at the same time, other portions of our beingness are always alive and active within the Universal Consciousness of All-Tha-Is LOVE ... beyond our "self-limited" physical awareness! 
- This message was facilitated by Martine, 3 Aug 2013

Thus, "There is always more" to become aware of.

Less than two weeks after Martine's "passing" ...The Magic Began!

Opening My Heart
Loss is a reason to Cherish More!

Martine's departure has been arranged long ago (before this life adventure) to be a blessing for me.

A week after Martine Graduated into the Greater Light a friend invited me to a meditation group and in meditation I saw a small golden box with a heart in it.   It seemed that as the heart slowly split open (my heart was broken), Martine, in "death"  was actually helping me to "open my heart" ... and as it opened a lot of light radiated from within that heart.


Not  quite 2 years later, I ran across this sentence in a book:

"Life challenges break open our hearts, not for the purpose of harming us or making us suffer but so the love that we are on a soul level may flow more easily and powerfully through our hearts.

From "Your Soul's Gift: The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born", by Robert Schwartz, (2012-03-27). (pp. 508-509). Whispering Winds Press. Kindle Edition.


On February 13th

Just two weeks had passed ...

   I arrived early for my 9 AM Optometrist appointment that day, figuring I could read a magazine while I waited for the doctors to arrive.

   As I entered the door, I suddenly had to go to the Men's Room.  On the way there, I noticed a Newsweek magazine sitting on the candy machine and thought, "That;'s the magazine to read".

   After finishing what I had to do, I came out of the Men's Room, grabbed the magazine and went to sit down and wait and read .

   As I looked at the cover of the magazine (October 2013 Newsweek) I saw that the cover article was entitled, "Heaven Is Real".  As T read the title of the article, I thought first of "Israel and it's connections to Heaven, in the 3 Abrahamic religions"  And then I thought, "That looks like an interesting article, I think I'll read it!"  So, I  read about Dr. Alexander's experience when his cerebral cortex was non-functional (a condition similar to what Martine had in her last weeks in the body.).
      Then that afternoon as I was  waiting for the Costco pharmacy to fill my drug prescription, found Dr. Alexander's book, "Proof of Heaven", on their book table and bought it for under $10!


 NOTE: This sequence of events came about as my own Divine Guidance worked with and through me.  We all have such guidance, as we allow ourselves to follow our hearts.

Commentary from Dr. Peebles (from the "other Side")

(Your being lead to read his book, "Proof of Heaven") has been, most of all, a reassurance to you.  Her experiences were quite fabulous, but very quick.  She says the problem with death is that it happens so quickly. She says, the transition is so glorious and then all of a sudden you're over on the other side. She says "I could have taken that ride again". She liked that a lot, she says, "That was a lot of fun and the journey out of the body, too."  She says she just surrendered and the journey was incredible. She says, "It's the magnification of love beyond your wildest dreams and then', she says, "pop and then you're on the other side.  It just happens!".

Could it be an "Apport"?
A note found under the edge of a couch!

This is a "sticky" note ... found in the floor like a piece of trash, near my computer, March 2nd2013.


It was folded up and I was about to throw it away, when I felt something inside tyhe folds.  So I opened it up only to find a broken piece of plastic inside ... then I read the note!


"Lettie" graduated beyond this plane in September 1963. Martine was psychic, so did she get this message from my mother, "Lettie Kolenberger" and write it down?   I believe so.  


I later found the pad of green sticky notes in Martine's desk as I was cleaning out its drawers.



Though I (John) held two memorial services for Martine (one in Arizona and one in California) this year (2013).  However, my brother Bill's memorial (he passed into his next Grandest Dream, 17 Sept.) will be the "BIG" one!  My mother will be there - even though unseen by most attendees.

My QUESTIONS & COMMENTS about the above note:

1) was this a message for Martine, so that her graduation could go forward?

2) was this a message for John, so he could go on?

3) A message "heard" by John, 13 September, 2013:

 "Good times are comming, just not the same good times as in the past." - Martine

The above piece of paper was found May 29th on an "Art shelf" by the master bathroom (pictured on the left).


The purole purse and note sticking out of it is visable on the lower left by the boquet that was saved from our wedding.


AND by the time of this photo, I had moved Martine's dolphin from the guest bathroom to the shelf above, with angels and other of Martine's keep-sakes.


Interestingly; The dolphin would not sell at my May 18th garage sale ... according to an English medium, because its meaning will be a "gift" to me in the future.


BTW: The flower arrangment is from our wedding!  Martine loved flowers (through many lifetimes, for eons) and these colors as well.


A Comment from my Good Friend, Dr. Peebles

"The gifts Martine left for you to find, were not left by a [Martine's] conscious decision. The 'decision' was an awareness that came from another plane.  They are messages from her soul!"


NOTE:  John and Martine are in a Transcendental Relationship, that spans across all time and all space, and possibly beyond, which continues forever with the blessing of love from all of God-Goddess and Spirit.

(We are not unique, for you, too, are destined for such a relationship, when you are ready.)


By John M. Kohlenberger


When I arranged to have my June vacation (during Palm Springs Restaurant Week ... Martine's favorite time to be there) where we usually ate at severazl French restaurantys in Palm Desert, I felt that there would be some "MAGIC" for me to experience while there in the desert, on vacation.


Later, Dr. Peebles told me that Martine helped me arrange that vacation.


Now, (6 Aug), I just woke up ... to the miracle of the event described below that happened as I was having a late night coffee before walking "Spirit" (puppy) in the cool of the evening by a Starbucks in Palm Desert, CA.

Note: When I made this reservation for my June vacation, back in March 2013, I felt that Martine was involved somehow and I would experience some sort of "magic" that week - as she loved the feeling of luxury and French restaurants in the Palm Desert/Palm Springs area and had she been still "in-body" we would have both been there enjoying "Palm Springs Restaurant Week" together. 

But, as you can see (above) she was with my "in spirit", anyway!



3 June - While on vacation in Palm Desert/Palm Springs: I went to take Spirit (puppy) for a walk before going to bed. I drove to a nearby Starbucks so I could have a coffee, relax and walk the puppy too in the cool of the evening. So, after purchasing my drink at Starbucks (8:50 PM, just before closing) I sat down to enjoy a cool frappuccino. While sitting there, I looked up at the moon and then I saw a semicircle of stars by the edge on the umbrella above me. So I moved over to look to see if it was a circle of stars (which would be even more unusual than a simicircle), but it wasn't. [This is a part of the MAGIC that I thought I would have on this vacation week - assisted by Martine... but missed it in that moment.] 

NOW, I feel that Martine's message to me was "I'm with you, looking up with you and down on you. So look for me in the moon, stars, flowers, wind, butterflies ... etc,. I'll be there!  I'm now nowhere and yet everywhere ... with the ability to be anywhere throughout all time and all space"



As I was looking up at the moon, my gaze went toward the edge of the umbrella above me, I saw a semicircle of stars. So,I moved over past the edge of the umbrella, expecting to see a full circle (what was I thinking?), but it was only a semicircle ... like a Tiara that my "Angle Martine" might be wearing! Have you ever seen a semicircle of stars overhead? I did, and was later told by an English Medium that "you can look at a flower and Martine will be there ... you can look at the stars and Martine will be there ...".


THIS IS JUST SOME OF THE WONDER OF THE UNIVERSE ... REVEALED ...  through the workings of  electricity, magnetics and light interacting through the gravity of love.


      A June Session wit Chris Meredith, English Medium:

Chris: I was going to say, I don't know if it was you or Martine that was the stargazer, looking at the moon, but I feel that I can see the moon and the stars, and I feel, looking to the heavens


John: I was doing that last night.


Chris: And as you're doing this, she was looking with you! She's talking about the moon and the stars and she was doing this with you.


John: Ah, and I saw a semicircle of stars up there and, well, I thought of Martine at the time.

Chris: And she was there when you felt her and as you thought of her, in that impingement of thought, she was there as she impinged upon your thoughts.  But she says, " Don't always look up for me, because I always here". (as Chris points to his heart) 


I am reminded, as I edit this story on the website:

Don't always look up to heaven for your deceased relatives, angels, guidance or even God-Goddess, for they are also in your heart.

                        The Magic Continues as Martine plays with ElectroMagnetics

2013-06-11 The passenger car window lowered about an inch. Neither I nor puppy touched the controls.

2013-06-15 The CD tray on the TV popped out as I sat on the recliner, not touching the TV controller.

2013-06-17 As the computer boots up, before the wall paper shows up on the monitor, then there are a few seconds when a grey screen appears. I've never seen this before!

               MORE JUNE MYSTERIES REVEALED  (But, only realized on Aug 21)


6 June  - (This was all arranged at "other levels") On Friday morning (July 31) at 9 AM, the day before I was leaving for vacation, my daughter called to tell me that they were having a party on June 2nd for her daughter who was turning 21 on that day. What a "coincidence" [the word really means two or more things coming together or happening at once!] ... I would be in California to make it to the party!    What a GIFT FROM ABOVE!    (I arranged it, unconsciously, with my own Higher Self)


A slightly damaged Birthday Card in its envelope, was found July 5th 2013 ... on the "Garage Sale" table, where the dolphin had peviously been!!!  (Why would I have had this card out "for sale"??


I believe that this is likely a belated greeting for me (John) for my February 1st birthday, as Martine could no longer be here, physically..



The heart felt message inside this (slightly damaged) Birthday Card.



Did Martine leave these notes and reminders for me before her death or were they sent from spirit as apports?

July 15, 2013 - I posted a Facebook message describing a recent middle of the night dream scenario where in a half awake state, I heard a noise in the bedroom that seemed to be Martine walking through the bedroom.  Then as I thought about it, I rationalized that the movement I sensed "must have been the cat" and the noise I heard, "must be the verticle blinds blowing in the wind".  However, the Facebook Post stated, "all of which, I now believe, are true. "

And, IMMEDIATELY (nobody even had time to read it and respond) I received this message on my screen "good observation! see you later" ... Good Vibrations!

NOTE: As the energies of spiritual existance exist at a very high frequencoes, spirit has been known, for decades, to work its wonders (fairly easily) with the modern media of light, electricity and magnetism ... which are now used throughout our internet and inside our computers, cell phones and other electromagnetic divices!

As an example, Call my cell phone ... hear Martine's voice, if I don't answer!

During the evening of July 24 & early morning of July 25, this Icon showed up (3 times: in an Email window, a Paint window & in a Word window ... but it was not really part of any of these documents, as it would go away when I clicked on it).

Then, on the morning of 25 July, when I tried to click on it, to see if it was real (in a Word document) the "User Control" window opened (without my going through "Control Panel") ... with this Doggie SAME Icon in it ... for real.   We both love dogs!

[Does Martine have the ability for user control now?]

August 3rd, at about 10:30 AM

My sister-in-law tried to call me when I was already using my cell phone talking to someone else. As I could not answer, she got the message, "I'm sorry, I can't come to the phone right now, so leave a message ..." and she claims it was Martine's voice with a French accent, telling her this!!!


This had to be done posthumously, possibly during my week on vacation in the desert, as I had put my own message in the phone, before she went into the hospitals and she had no "physical" opportunity to change it!

We (and this includes all of humanity and all of life) are never separate! This is one of the messages for all of us in this New Age of Understanding and ... Age of New Understandings, as the things speed up!

August 13 - A friend on California called me in Arizona on my cell phone.  As I was asleep I thought that the ringing was the 6:30 alarm I had set the night before.  However, when she called back on my land line (at 6:42 AM ... I realized that I had not set the alarm properly), she told me that Martine, with her cute French accent, had answered my cell phone, telling her to leave a message. 


14 August 2013 - The User Account Administrator "Doggie" showed up again today ... upon opening Photoshop 9!  Again, it was illusive and not click able, but HERE to be seen!

She knows when you're sleeping, she knows when you're awake,

she knows whether you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake!

The Champ Cup Appears

        August 21st, 2013


1) This morning I discovered several birthday cards from my 70th in my drawer.  They reminded me of Martine's love ... and all the gifts she has left  or sent my way.


2) Upon opening Photoshop, this "champions cup" appeared in the grey area (instead of the doggie that had previously appeared - see above) with several stars within it! This Icon is NOT available for the Administrator!


3) As it was Martine's son's birthday, I sent him a picture of the cup - as a special birthday present from his mom! 


NOTE: As this event caught me by surprise I forgot to "print screen" to save the actual picture, so this is a recreation, from memory.

(A medium told me, in June, that I would be doing more art work ... as spirit would be working through me - again.)

ABOVE is the cup for the Soul Champions who are living life with the aid of their inner awarenesses and inner worlds ... expressing into our outer world.

This is a way of allowing, "Thy kingdom come upon Earth as it is in Heaven".

I had a Dream ... 23 August

While staying with a friend for the weekend, so I could visit my oldest brother in a hospital in California, I dreamed that I was getting multiple messages "from God" and writing them down (2 pages), however as I was tired, I did not actually write them down on paper.

However, the one message I remembered in the morning, is:

"I am Here, You are There and We are ONE". 

As I thought about this message, It seemed that it could have also come from Martine, or both, as my spirit teachers say that she and God are now one ... and always have been, as we all are as Jesus taught and demonstrated for us.

Experience is sometimes the best teacher - 30 Aug -

After parking the car in the garage, I pressed the button to close the garage door. The door began to close ... and then stopped, causing the door activated light to flash. [A medium told me, in June, to watch for lights flashing ... Martine is working with the electromagnetic energies of vibration (with no strings involved), trying to get my attention]

I then re-opened the door and it closed normally


Until it happens to YOU

as it did to me

by Rev John K


October 4th - 3:44 Friday morning - The TV came on in the living room and woke me up. It had turned itself off shortly after I sat at the computer, at about 9 PM Thursday evening.  This timing coincides with how Martine managed the TV, over a year ago, so I checked it before going to bed and it was "off"!  Martine would turn it off when I went to the computer and then she would go to bed, usually at 9 PM. Then she would wake up in the early morning and turn on the TV, saying to me, "I couldn't go back to sleep so I turned on the TV".  Yup, she was watching TV ... again.

  So I talked with Martine, in my mind, and gave her the best hug and kiss I could.

  I felt much calmer in the morning, at 6:50 AM when I woke up for the day!

5:30 PM Oct 4th, The phone is off the hook!  Why, How?  I have no clue.  I was suddenly aware, as I sat at the computer, that I heard a beeping ... like a pnone off the hook.  I found it in the kitchen (where most "sensitives" are aware of Martine).


SO ... I decide Martine is trying to get my attantion and she wants to "talk" to me.  I then decided to take some quiet time and relax, to see what I might hear or feel.      

    Almost immediately ...(via a thought/feeling)

The Message: Martine wants me to feel comfortable ... "COMFORT AND JOY".  She is sending "Good tidings of great joy" - partially because she is in a good place of love with no tubes, pain or nurses waking her up every so often, plus she is completely mobile (beyond our wildest dreams)  and aolso because I have even received her message. ALSO: She'll be with me at dinner tonight (Olive Garden), for a change!   (See the side bar)

   While at the restaurant, I could feel that she is everywhere and every when, but aware and making her presence known here and now, on purpose this time, at the restaurant ... as I was reading Anita Moorjani's book, about this very capability of our souls ... beyond this world.


October 6th - Dream, 5:10 AM - I had built a bridge (to the other side) [pierced the veil]

Spirit Communication or communion with God, angels and spiritual entities, is accomplished through the medium of attunment (matching your frequency close to theirs).  The best and most rewarding experiences come as a result of synchronizations of love, peace, harmony, compassion and  companionship ... oneness.

If you are experiencing lower entities , raise your own frame of mind and experience the new channels!