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This page documents a Personal Journey in and through Healing
Though our story began at Yavapai Regional Medical Center - East, in Prescott Valley, this (above photo) is where all the "Developments" took place ... at Banner Good Samaritan, downtown Phoenix.
Below is a photo of Banner's Acute Rehab facility, where Martinhabeen recuperating for nearly 2 months, so she could be released to North Mountain Rehab.

October 24th, thru December 26th, Martine was at Select Specialty Hospital, 1012 Willetta, in Phoenix, AZ


Previous Visitation procedures:

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Above is a view of where North Mountain is (7 miles north) in relation to Select Care in Downtown Phoenix..

Martine has moved to North Mountain Medical Rehab, across the street. from John C. Lincoln Hospital, 1 1/2 blocks north of E. Dunlap Ave. in Phoenix ... 7 miles closer to home!

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Positive Vibrations, Please!

When you visualize Martine, pray for her, attune to her energy, or in any way want to "help" her, please imagine her as "Whole and Complete", up and walking again, pain free and enjoying life.  After all, isn't this our intentions, for her as well as each one of us?  This could become "contagious"!

Martine's Retirement:

Prior to her retirement, which happened on May 11, 2012, Martine told me that her Astrological Chart showed that she would work all her life and then die.

Any thought, dwelled upon in the mind, becomes one's reality.

Change your mind, change your reality.  We really are Co-Creators!

30 Oct Meditation:

On the spiritual side of life, though Martine does not "need" pain and suffering, this situation is putting the emphasis on valued Relationships and Friendships ... for Martine and ALL OF US.  This is part of the "spiritual purpose" of this situation.  It isn't "all bad".  However, Martine has these health challenges because she has "programmed them" in her subconscious.  Further, God and her Higher Self loves her so dearly and completely that  anything she chooses is lovingly allowed. Further, it "says" ... until she tires of these health crises, she will continue to be in a hospital.  Complicating this, she doesn't see how she may receive love by giving cooking classes, sharing travel experiences, coffee with friends or church activities.  Sickness is often a way to receive the love one needs but doesn't know is there for them, anyway.

NOTE: Please  poke around this website to learn more about some of the Metaphysical factors concerning health and healing and the lack thereof.

Warned, ahead of time:

I (John/husband & webmaster) was told on September 8th, by Dr. Peebles, that while I have been asking others to release their expectations of life, this is now my time to release my expectations, of  life, as reflected through Martine, others and self.

(Teacher take thine own advice.)

Checking in with Louise Hay ...

NOTE: Though Louise Hay is not The Great Wise God of ALL, the following just may be considerations ... from the Goddess portion of All-That-Is that she represents.

What might having a gall stone symbolize?  
"There is a link between gallbladder and gallstones and our unresolved emotional issues." 
 Why might the left side of Martine's body tend to be disabled or slow to respond?

"The left side of the body is the feminine side. It represents receptivity, taking in, women, mother, love."  (and nurturing prior to new birth)

All the "Tragedies"

are leading to a new


It’s just heartbreaking

what happened to those

little kids and those teachers,

 so I came here to show

solidarity,” city residen

Elaine Younes

 (John's daughter) said.


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Martine's Healing:

We are all in such a hurry to get to our destination that we forget that life is a journey ... to be enjoyed.

News and Events along Martine's Journey Through Healing

As we travel on any journey to anywhere, even through healing, the way through is to keep moving, despite traveling fast or slow, or even having to turn around to get back on track, we just keep traveling regardless of our ups and downs or movements side to side.   


To me, the experiences along this journey, told below, disprove any pie in the sky theories about having to travel on any kind of "straight and narrow" course, because Real Life has clearly dictated, to me, otherwise!


Martine needs our love now, more than ever before, so she has the energy to complete her Journey through Healing..

Martine's Journey Begins

A "Readers Digest" version of Martine's story by Rev. John M. Kohlenberger, HHP

The morning of September 30, 2012 Martine woke up with a pain, which she knew was a gall stone.  After doing some energy work on her, it got better during the day, but by 9 PM she told me, "We have to go to the Emergency".  I understood!  We went to Yavapai Regional Medical Center in Prescott Valley, checking in at 9:30 PM.

Yes, the doctors at YRMC, did some tests and indeed the problem was a Gall Stone, lodged in the main bile duct (completely blocking the liver and gall bladder ducts). I could see, by then that her forehead was turning yellow, so I was ready to do what ever had to be done.  Then they told us, "Yes, there is a doctor in our area that can do that procedure, but he is not on call for 3 days."  So about 5:30 AM on October 1st they sent Martine by ambulance to a Banner hospital Phoenix AZ.

After going home for a few hours sleep, I went to be there with Martine (92 miles from home). The good news was
that the stone was not also blocking the Pancreas duct! So, they scheduled her for an endoscopic surgery the next day. in this procedure, they work their camera and tools through the mouth and stomach then into the small intestine where the duct drains, to remove the stone.

That procedure was successful and after removing a stone that was between 1 and 1 1/2 cm in diameter, Martine felt much better ... and her skin color looked better.

Then, the next day,  the question was, "Do we take the Gall Bladder out?" Since this had been a recurring issue, since she we lived in California, about two or three years before coming to Arizona,  As I felt the presence of my own (deceased) father (an MD/Surgeon) in the room saying, "It's got to go", I said "yes" and then Martine agreed - for the first time.  So the next day they performed that surgery, endoscopically, very neatly by poking a few holes in the skin with complete success.

About two days later a nurse, who had worked with Martine a few days earlier, noticed that her belly seemed to be getting bigger, so they ordered some CT Scans of the abdominal cavity. Later, I
 was told that "She is filling with liquid and gas", so they did an exploratory surgery, again endoscopically.  However, what they found was fecal matter, so they had to resort to the old fashioned "cut them open" procedure to clean out her abdominal cavity and patch the leak in her small intestine.


She had two more of these "clean out" surgeries in the days following (about 2 days apart) to clean as well as possible and check to see that the "patch" was holding.

As each surgery is a trauma on the body, Martine eventually needed a ventilator (breathing machine), some drains for her abdomen, suction for the stomach acids (so the patch can heal), plus a catheter and a colostomy bag.  Martine then had to spend over a week in the ICU in this condition, medicated so she wouldn't move too much.

To prepare her for her "graduation: from the ICU to an Acute Care facility, (on or about October 22nd) they installed a trachea tube in her throat, so she would not have a tube going down her throat. A couple of days later (Oct 24th?) Martine was moved to the next stage for healing, stability and the beginning of her rehabilitation. After laying in bed for three weeks, drugged most of the time, she had lost a lot of what we think of as "normal human functions" and would thus need several forms of rehabilitation..

Since arriving in the Acute Care Facility, they have been pulling more tubes out and by month's end Martine began receiving Pulmonary, Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapies.  She is slowly coming back to life, as we know it.


So, finally, as of this writing, Martine is breathing on her own (this is her 6th day) and is speaking (3rd day). And as I indicated, she is starting to move again. EACH OF THESE ACTIONS BUILDS STRENGTH IN THE BODY-MIND-EMOTIONS & SPIRIT. (Composed November 3rd)



When I visited Martine in Saturday, October 27, I saw both left and right foot movement when she was asleep. Her TV was tuned to Food Channel, because that is one of her favorite channels.  She was in good spirits and smiling that day, with the sparkle coming back in her eyes!


When I next visited, on Monday, October 29th, I found the TV tuned to Fox News (which she never watches at home), apparently so some employee can see what is happening with the Super Storm ... forgetting that the
TV is for the patients, not the employees.  Further, the control was by her left hand, which by now was non-functional, so I know that she did not change the channel.  In my opinion, Viewing News of any kind is not part of any "Healing Mode", in fact watching the news normally promotes worry and frustration, which are debilitating to anybody, especially when in a weakened state such as Martine was in at the time! This Fox News (showing death and destruction) event could have put her in depression such that she had abnormally high blood pressure, possibly resulting in a stroke. And, the "timing" is right for when Martine's right side appendage malfunctions seem to have originated.

Here's to Martine's Healing and Greater Health, leading to more Hope, Joy and Travel in this life!


Photo taken at Chateau Blois in the Loir-et-Cher département in the Loire Valley, in France, in the center of the city of Blois.  Rebuilt from a fortress by François I it was the residence of several French Kings, thereafter.  This is also the place where Joan of Arc went in 1429 to be blessed by the Archbishop of Reims before departing with her army to drive the British from Orleans.  Loenardo da Vinci was here, as well.

Martine's Story, during November 2012

On October 25th I bought a book for Martine to write in, so we could communicate while she was hooked up to the Vent Machine and couldn't speak, but on my first try, the next day, her writing was not coordinated enough, yet, to read.

NOTE: In June of 2013 I am writing thoughts, dreams and other communications with Martine in that book of Love ... as she is now "on the other side".

The following is a condensed, running commentary about Martine's Journey Through Healing, for November:

Because of the need for the Ventilator for breathing support and the resultant breathing tube, Martine could not talk at the beginning of November. The focus in this new facility was to wean her from the absolute need for breathing support.

On November 2nd, Martine was finally weaned enough from the ventilator that they could put a speaking valve in her  need that", referring to some medicine for a pain in her "back". Later, with the help of the Speech Therapist, Martine told me, "I love you". She was in and out of sleep, and after waking in the mid afternoon, she told me that, in her
dreams, "The flute healer was here"... from the kingdom of the Hopi (bringing hope). Then before I left that day, she asked for "a bath".

Though the P.T. and O.T. seemed to have given up on working with Martine's left arm and leg, as there seemed to be no movement in these limbs, on the 7th, I noticed that when she coughed, she contracted the muscles in her left arm to abduct it. So there is "connection" after all!  And, a few days later, as I was holding the left arm up to reduce the edema, I noticed that Martine was pushing on my hand. When I asked her about that, she knew she was pushing, so she now showed that her left arm had the ability for both flexion and extension, under conscious control. Therapy on her left
side then began!

By the 12th of November, we were back to writing, as Martine had pneumonia, and first thing, she wrote to me, "When are you taking me home?" They also removed the colostomy tube that day.

By Nov 14-15, Martine was finally talking normally, with the trachea tube completely plugged and on the 16th, I noticed movement of her left foot, so I gently bent her ankle, which because in non-movement, was sore at first, but as I worked with it, the pain went away by the 18th. Then, on the 20th, I noticed that she was playing with the TV control wire with her left hand ... her fingers were even moving! I was her therapist, working with Martine's left side limbs on the days that P.T. and O.T. were off or on vacation. So, her fingers and toes were now moving on both sides of her body! This is progress.

The ventilator was removed from her room on Nov. 22nd and as she passed the X-ray swallow test on that day, by the 24th she was eating (a couple of partial spoons of) mashed potatoes and pulverized chicken, and didn't
like either one. They were "tasteless". However, the next day when I fed her little bits of raspberry sorbet, she liked the "flavor" ... Martine's taste/smell is coming back!  And by the 25th, Martine could give my finger a gentle squeeze with h
er left fingers.

Nov 26th, back on Ventilator due to some food going into the right lung, resulting in pneumonia (again).  
 She was also interested in sitting up, which helps lung function and asked (wrote) me to "Go look for the chair" to sit up in. Additionally, that day, I noticed both feet moving while she was asleep, so her bodily functions are slowly returning (again).


Nov 27 Martine thought she should have been transferred to the new facility, for further rehabilitation and thought "They are lying" about her needing to stay where she is until she is at a new level of "stable".

People tend to develop new "ailments" the longer they stay in hospitals, and by the end of November, Martine had a case of C-dev/Colitis, which , according to Martine's attending physician (Majeed), is treatable.

“Quand ilya de la vie il ya de l'espoir!”

Where there is Life, there is Hope!

Martine's Journey through December ...



Martine's left lung sac was drained on December 3rd and she asked for a radio, so she could listen to some "Christmas music" on the 4th.  By the 5th, Martine has progressed so she is off breathing support (Ventilator) on the 6th and even talking, But, her feeding tube lost its sutured anchor and slipped out so she must have one more (#8) surgery on the 6th to install a new feeding tube. However, before the old feeding tube (G-Tube) came out, there was spillage in the wrong place. The doctors elected for a CT Scan on the 7th to determine what is causing abdominal pain.  However, the CT Scan showed nothing unusual, even though Martine continues to have pain in the abdomen!  Though, in general, "all the numbers" indicate that Martines body is progressing toward greater health and stability, under the influence of pain pills, Martine's left side seems to be less responsive.  Martine's French compatriot, Nadia, visited her on Sunday. 

Dec 10, The doctors think that Martines "Pic line" ( for administering medications, etc) is infected.  So, they "installed" a temporary line into main artery, in her neck (jugular vein).  [Procedure #9]  Back on the Vent, again. Then on the 11th, they transferred Martine back to the main hospital to monitor hemoglobin count and "blood in the stool", in order to make a diagnosis and create a solution. Her son, Pat, also called me to say that he is planning to visit his mom next week!

12-12-12  An Earth Changing Day!  Though Martine was in the main hospital for observation and possible diagnosis and treatment for blood in her stool, the "problem" vanished and they hooked up her feeding tube again.  And, Martine sat up for 3 hours and worked with the PT & OT for 15 minutes afterward, moving all fingers and toes and all limbs!  Grand progress, indeed!  Thus, the following day Martine moved back to Rehab to begin her healing anew, anticipating her son's visit next week. And, I spoke my truth to that facility managers, so Martine can progress with more energy, resulting to new communications with the staff, the next day.

By Dec 15 Martine was being weaned off the Vent and was talking quite a lot.  She is looking forward to seeing her son, next Thursday.  And on the 16th, as part of the weaning process, Martine was still on and off the ventilator, but starting to spend a few hours without it, as we start ... PERSONAL FINANCE IF MARTINE'S CARE and ...


Dec. 17 & 18, The C-Dif was abating and Martine was spending more time off the vent, most of the day on Tuesday, sitting on the edge of the bed for 15 minutes (this is progress) followed by a nap.  However, though she sat up a ("Cadillac") chair for a few hours, some pain returned to her abdomen on Wednesday.  The staff is monitoring that.

Dec 20 ... a day of changes:  As of 9 Am, Martine was to move on to her next Rehab facility "today".  But as the hours passed, she recieved more breathing and bodily rehabilitation, and at 4 PM her move was put off until Monday (Christmas Eve), thanks to the efforts of her Attending Physician who felt that there were still a few "loose ends" to settle.  (NOTE: This timing agreed with what Rev. John felt in his heart, as "right".)  And then, by 5:30 PM, Martine's son Patrick arrived to visit his mom, all the way from Southern California ... an early "Christmas Present" for Martine!


Dec 22, The major incision in Martine's abdomen no longer needs special dressing and is open to the air!  She is off the ventilator for 3 days, so they consider her "weaned" and now has the smallest trachea collar (orifice) possible.  Thus, Martine is ready to move to her next (lower) level of care on Monday, with less acute care and more rehabilitation activities so she can continue healing while she improves her ability to move her arms and legs and relearn to perform daily functions (including drinking liquids and eating real food - so they can pull out the feeding tube).

IT'S CHRISTMAS and Martine is still in a Medical Rehab hospital. However, she is now physically and psychologically ready (and possibly scheduled) to move on to her next stage, with more rehab and less medical TOMORROW.  Martine is off the Vent, her major surgical wound is closed and starting to cover with normal skin, the "numbers" are looking better and better and I see more and better movement of her left side extremities, so we're now just waiting on lab results, so the attending physician will authorize her release and transfer.

December 27th ... Martine moved to North Mountain Medical Rehab, Room 229, at 9155 N 3rd St. in  Phoenix, 85020 · (602) 944-1666, across the street. from John C. Lincoln Hospital, just off of E. Dunlap Ave. in Phoenix ... 7 miles closer to home!


As Martine has moved to her next recovery and rehab stage, have added a new sub page to this single web page.  Click on the menu item "Moving Towards Home", to your left.


You can now find what you want without too much scrolling.

MARTINE, on Mother's Day 2011, waiting for her French Dinner at Renee's Restaurant in Sedona, at Talapaque. 


We both are looking forward to experiencing some of the wonders possibilities and probabilities for more travel including joyous and happy times of living and sharing our love, as indicated in this picture. Our desires for a bright future is evolving as they become their own realities for us.
Hoping to
as a part of dear Martine's journey through healing

Pictured: John, Martine and Spirit in the Village of Oak Creek , on vacation in 2005

This page is under construction during Martine's Journey.