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This page tells of a Personal Journey Beyond Life as we have told we should believe it to be ... a story of Life Existing Beyond and Despite Death or any other "Grave" sotuation!
"The Essence of Who You Really Are knows precisely and exactly when the Process of Life Itself calls for you to merge with the Oneness and to emerge from it, in order to Know the bliss of the Oneness through the Experience and the glory of its Individuation". - from  "Home with God" , by Neale Donald Walsch, pg 165

The Above Book is Recommended Reading:

John was guided to this book on 02/12/13, possibly by Martine, as she had a damaged cerebral cortex, like Dr. Alexander and therefore likely had some of the same experiences that she wanted this world and consensus reality to become aware of!

Supporting Information ...

"Life is a process of coming to life, being and discovering Who You Are, then becoming the next greatest version of Who You Really Intend to BE and thewn become ... in a new life." - Neale Donald Walsch (paraphrased)

To Forget, and to Remember

  "As I traveled ever deeper, to the very heart of the Core. I still remembered nothing of my earthly past, and yet I was not the less for this. Even though I'd forgotten my life down here (on earth), I had remembered who I really and truly was out there (in my Core). I was a citizen of a universe staggering in its vastness and complexity, and ruled entirely by love.

  We are never alone, as we all have family, other beings, who are watching and looking out for us - beings we have
momentarily forgotten, but who, if we open ourselves to their presence, are waiting to help us navigate our time here on earth. None of us are ever unloved.  Each and every one of us is deeply known and cared for by a Creator who
cherishes us be­yond any ability we have to comprehend. That knowledge must no longer remain a secret.

- Eben Alexander, MD

Becoming a human, or incarnating into physical reality, is an honoring and thus a celebration, of our spirituality because becoming physical requires particular creative uses of spiritual planning and energy!  So it is that the manifested human body becomes a Physical Temple of Spirit, celebrating the projection of spirit, creating "another possibility" within the spirituality of Source and All-That-Is.
And, at the same time, portions of our beingness are always within the Universal Consciousness of All-That-IS-LOVE!


"Now those who look upon physical life and existence as somehow inferior to some other state may be doing themselves and physical existence a great injustice. One experience is never superior or inferior to another, as all are God given and each one takes the consciousness one step higher in its understanding of its own totality and the totality of All-That-IS (or God). So physical life, as also the spiritual life, is everywhere filled and fulfilled with the universal energy of Love, which is its source. And so it is that, no existence can be inferior to its own composition.


The inner self is quite aware of its own spiritual and physical dexterity as it lives many lives, simultaneously ... through all its many selves."

- Many Thanks to Seth, through Jane Roberts for these words of wisdom

Those we love
don't go away.  They walk beside us every day.

Though they may
be unseen or unheard, they are always near.

Still loved,
yet missed, they are forever dear!

Une vraie histoire d'amour n'a pas de fin.

"A True Love Story Never Ends"

.. as the Love that is God is all there Truly is!


A note about Martine from my good friend Dr. Peebles

26 Mar, 2013


"Martine wants to thank you so much (John) for the honoring of her. She really was very deeply touched by this and she says that it's really interesting to be over here and see how people respond to the Afterlife and to see how appreciated she
was upon the earth and to see how deeply appreciated she was by people around her.
And she is very excited as she is starting to realize that, now.  She is very deeply touched, so share that with the congregation, friends and family.  For she's been feeling, hearing and sensing all of their 'love letters' that are in their hearts, in their prayers and in their words."


KNOW THIS, Our loved ones "hear every word and thougt", both during transition and even after "death"!

Is there "proof" of an Afterlife?  I recommend this video:



Thanks to https://www.foreverfamilyfoundation.org



Martine has Moved on, Beyond the Confines of Earthly Experience, the Human Body and the Limitations of Logical Mind




So, now that Martine has ascended in love and become more apart of the everlasting light and is now resurrected in her new realities of light, life and love, her soul essence now has a greater awareness of  All-That-IS, was and ever shall be, in and through the infinite array of Multiverses. 


Martine, as we knew her, is pictured here with a new almost auric radiance.

The truth is, there is no separation.  You (we each) are a human being in this reality, expanding in the most wonderous ways; all to know more of love.

John's perceptions of Martine's New Journeys ... February 2013

FEBRUARY 4th, just after the beginning of John's New (75th) Birth Year

Today, I had a dream that Martine was still in therapy (in another [related] dimensional reality) sitting outside the hospital on the patio, enjoying the sun, in a wheelchair and I was coming to get her to return her to her room.


FEBRUARY 13th - In the morning, I picked up a Newsweek magazine to read at the eye doctor's office, then noticed the cover article, "Heaven Is Real" and read about Dr. Alexander's experience. Then that afternoon, waiting for the Costco pharmacy to fill my drug prescription, found Dr. Alexander's book, "Proof of Heaven", for under $10 and bought it!


FEBRUARY 15th (the day of the Memorial) -  As I awoke at about 5 AM, I saw Martine's face ... and I did all I could, seemingly through a very viscous fluid, to kiss Martine's lips, to let her know that I still love her, no matter what!

FEBRUARY 18th - I had a dream in which I drove to a large white multi-story building, seemingly a hospital, where Martine was recuperating on the third floor.  I took our puppy, "Spirit" to see her.


FEBRUARY 19th -  My dream this day was that I was driving, with Martine in the car, traveling along a highway resembling Hwy 69 heading west into Prescott, near the top of a hill, by Gateway Mall.   (This setting was made to look familiar to me, as Martine seemed to be trying to show me that she is beginning to see new possibilities in progress and growth, put here in this drfeam, in physical symbols)

ALSO: I brought Martines Urn home today, with the ashes of her bones in it.


FEBRUARY 20th -  About 3:30 AM I (physically) woke up and got up to revieve myself.  IBefore going back to bed, I went to the bedroom window to see now much snow had fallen, since a big storm was predicted.  I pulled a few slats of the verticle blinds apart to seeing how pretty the scene was though, I said, "Too bad you're not here to enjoy this snow, Martine."  I then went back to bed.  A few minutes later, however, I heard the verticle slats moving and knocking against each other.  As I raised up off the pillow, I saw several verticle slats swinging back and forth as if someone else had been looking out the window.  Is Martine, on spirit, learning how to project energy in the form of psychokenisis onto the physical world?


FEBRUARY 28th -  After asking for a message from Martine, as I went to sleep ... 

In mt early morning, dream time, I heard Martine say, "See, I can walk now, with almost no pain.  In a few weeks, I'll have no pain.  They treat me pretty good around here."

"To Love another person is to see the Face of God"

 - Victor Hugo 

While Martine's February 15th Memorial Service in Prescott Valley, with nearly 50 people attending, was beautiful, lovely, moving and enjoyed by most of those present, she has already moved into and beyond the beauty of flowers and all of nature as we know it, to a conscious state where life abounds on many levels ... on any and all levels ... to a state of awareness closer to Greater Mind, where the power and glory of love is not doubted, onto ann awareness like what many on earth call "Heaven", "Paradise" or "Nirvana".

"In Death we Release our Old Emotionally Charged Mental Constructs that have held us back from our Greater BEing and Creativity.  This movement, then, allows the awareness  that they have become Outworn and  are No Longer Useful, so that Relaxation, Rest, Release, Rejuvenation, Renewal and Ultimate Healing, May Begin ... and then be Real-ized"!


The day of Martine's "Graduation" (January 30), my brother David "saw" her and she told him, "Look at me, I'm young again".


A few days later, he "saw" cousin Shirl and Martine having fun together, going over old times (together) as Shirl helped Martine re-member (put back together) her divine energies that allow her soul to create anew so she may live, love amd have joys beyong our earthly limitations.


 Martine is now re-membering the Goddess that she IS, and we all are ... "Created in the image and likeness of God" where all things are one and The One is all things.

"There is no way to get into the Kingdom of God. It is not a place where you get into or out of. It is (the) place where you always are. It is the only place you can ever be." - Neale Donald Walsch, in his book,  Home with God



Hi John,  It is such a good feeling when "coincidences" show up and we recognize them for what they really are.  It is such a comfort to be aware of being Spiritually guided.   Every morning when I'm doing my meditation Martine comes clearly to mind, then you show up in that picture and I see easily the connection between you two.  It feels like she is right there with you.- Blessings, Pat M


OH Dear John, This (story of you being inspired ny Dr. Alexander's article and then being lead to the book "Proof of Heaven") is giving me "God bumps" Of course you are connected, she loves you always and watching out for you.
Even if she is not on Earth, she would like you to treat yourself to a Happy Valentine's Day.
- Aimee


John,Indeed there are no accidents. I read that article and thought it quite interesting.I find that many times I read something or something I believe just bears a truth to be. I am so grateful to be living at this time on earth and as a Lightworker it is a pleasure to be of help when those who need it. I like keeping in touch with you and enjoy getting the newsletter each month. So until we have contact again,be Blessed.In Love and Light  - Rev Patricia

"The thought of Martine in heaven puts such a smile on my face, she is going to draw a crowd when she makes her appearance "on the Otyher Side".. so much talent and love in such a wonderful soul." - From Betty, an old "Spiritualist Circle" friend of Martine's from 20 years ago.

My earth angel became my heavenly angel after she made her transition the year before last.
She got a big head start on helping me while she was still here on this earth.   -  Brother John K

IN THIS BOOK (Proof of Heaven):


Find out that (and how) "Love is the basis of everything."

• You are loved and cherished unconditionally.
• So, you have nothing to fear.
• And, you can do nothing “wrong”.
“The (false) suspicion that we can somehow be separate from
God is the root of every form of anxiety in the universe, and the cure for it
was the knowledge that nothing can tear us from God, ever.”

These souls have been together time and again. They are truly soulmates.

About Certain Christian Rituals

A commentary by Martine's husband, Rev. John Kohlenberger, HHP

"IN PASSING" ... of my dear wife and earth angel, Martine



As I (Rev. John) was leading a class, called "Lost Christianities", based on a Teaching Company video by Prof. Bart D. Ehrman, Phd, offered,at Yavapai college, a few weeks ago, I was hearing professor Ehrman talking of a few important Christian rituals, and at the same time being reminded (by Martine?) of how she was experiencing these.  In that moment, it occurred to me that some of these Christian ideas and terms just may be misunderstood, because of putting too much mental effort in trying to make them make sense, thus putting too many expectations and restrictions upon them ... our Souls and God.

* Purification - In Martine's case, this was accomplished as Martine took her "shower" in my dream, the morning
before her "passing", rather than by a Christian "baptism". Thus this same process is available to all, every soul, no matter what Religion they practice ... or don't.


* Born Again - As I saw Martine in my dream, she is now certainly born again.  She is "Resurrected" in a new body not of this world, as her body was all white when she emerged from her shower, (in my dream) before getting dressed and "walking out the door" of this life.  Again, this process is how all souls eventually find themselves, no matter what; for being Resurrected into the Light is of God and Spirit, and not of any physical construct ... and therefor not the providence of any particular person or religion!

* Everlasting Life - As science tells us that "Life Persists", life goes on, (How many Billions of years?). and like any worldly or divine energy (which our souls are) we can neither create nor destroy this energy.  So it is that ife certainly cannot cease at "death", though it obviously does change form (as the soul diminishes the "M" term in Einstein's famous equation, and moves more toward the "E" term).  Thus, this process is well described in scientific terms, as The law of conservation of energy: this law means that energy can change its location within the system, and that it can be transferred or transformed within the system, as we see all the time in the interchange of chemical, kinetic, potential, heat and/or light energies.  However, in our world, energy can be neither created nor destroyed. Our souls are divine energy and have been forever and will be forever ... being neither created nor destroyed, , though changing form from time to time and place to place!


Salvation - Martine has certainly accomplished what the Christian Gnostics called "Salvation", which is "Reunification" with God and all of Creation.  So, as we are all "made in the image and likeness of Creator", and "from Him", reunification, or Coming Home, is an ehergy process we all "inherit", so there are no particular actions or belief systems necessary to "Be Saved" ... as all souls eventually become aware of their heritage, by their innate inner awareness, and return like the "Prodigal Son".


Thus I was reminded that these are ALL Natural Processes, guaranteed by light, life and the love of Creator and
creation, for itself.  Why would any part of God want to think less of itself or die out of existence? However, certain processes do get tiring after they are repeated often enough and thus "Change" must take place, so that the expression and expansion of life, light, love, wisdom, abundance and joy continue as part and parcel, the plan of life, itself ... which is God-Goddess manifesting!

"Sorrow makes us all children again".  -  Neale Donald Walsch


"Because grieving is painful, there is at times a desire or temptation to rush the process or even push it aside altogether. For the soul, grief is an expression of love, and every expression of love is healing. If we resist grief, we literally wrap energy around our pain and lock it into place. Crying is the body’s natural means for clearing such energetic density; tears keep energy flowing and so allow for further healing."

Quoted from Your Soul's Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born (pp. 243-244), by Robert Schwartz (2010-05-14). . North Atlantic Books. Kindle Edition.


They say that, 'It was like the Colorado River; you may be able to divert a stream, but you're not going to change the course of the river'.  Thus, Martine moved on at this time so that she would not be a burden to you, nor you to her. - Tina (12 Feb 2013)
Things are falling into a nice plan of healing--- the timing is RIGHT!
Lv Di (3/4/20`13)
Martine is at peace and happy, no more tubes, pain, people coming and going.  She is healed and "mobile", now. ... Betty (3/7/2013)

"When you look beyond, there is always MORE"!

Thus, "The One and Only" exists only in a fleeting moment. - Sept 19 2013

This page has been under construction during Martine's Journey into the Great Beyond within the Ever Present Now of infinite Beingness ... of which we are all a part, even now.