Spiritual Healing Arts
This page documents a Personal Journey in and through Healing ... Moving Towards HOME


At the time I put this page together, I used this title because I thought that Martine was 7 miles closer to our Prescott Valley home, hoping that this would be her "destination".

HOWEVER, during the night of December 25th-26th I was told by a Sporot Guide, "We need her over here now."

SO ... as Martine later told me, through a Medium, "I was about to 'Take a turn', because it was now becoming my turn to leave"..

December 27th ... Martine moved to North Mountain Medical Rehab, at 9155 N 3rd St. in  Phoenix, 85020 · (602) 944-1666, across the street. from John C. Lincoln Hospital, 1 1/2 blocks north of E. Dunlap Ave.

   Room 229-2

Visitation:  HOURS: 9AM to 8 PM

Please send cards to our home.  John will deliver.



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Positive Vibrations, Please!

When you visualize Martine, pray for her, attune to her energy, or in any way want to "help" her, please imagine her as "Whole and Complete", up and walking again, pain free and enjoying life.  After all, isn't this our intentions, for her as well as each one of us?  This could become "contagious"!


I believe that I was told in a dream, last night (29 Dec) that Martine will be home by sometime in May.  Of course, none of this is "fixed in stone".  So, hang on and see if dreams really do come true.


P.S. Martine went "HOME" at 7:56 on January 30th!



“Quand ilya de la vie il ya de l'espoir!”

Where there is Life, there is Hope!

News and Events along Martine's Journey Through Healing


Pictured here is  Martine with Spirit, on Mother's Day 2011, waiting for her French Dinner at Renee's Restaurant in Sedona, at Talapaque. 

We are all looking forward to experiencing more of the wonders possibilities and probabilities with more freedom of motion including joyous and happy times of living and sharing our love, as indicated in this picture. Our desires for a bright future are evolving as each one materializes as their own realities for us.
In Martine's new location, Spirit will be visiting often, when his "daddy" does.  There is also an outside patio where we can commune together with nature.

Martine's Journey through the end of December ...

As of Thursday,  December 27th, while the C-Dif is still an issue, most of the other health issues are solved or under control, so the Attending Physician at Select Care has given Martine a Release so she nay move on to her next level of healing and rehabilitation.  Thus she moved on to a new facility, with a new emphasis and mission, at about 1:30 PM.
NOTE: The evening of the 27th, Dr. Peebles (in spirit) told me in a dream, "We need her over here, now." ... but of course, I didn't want to believe it! 

When I visited Martine, the next morning, I found her sitting in a wheel chair (first time), dressed in a shirt and shorts ... instead of lying in bed dressed in a hospital gown.  Though it's the 28th of December, "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" ... with the gift of seeing Martine in "street clothes"!  Besides that, the pic line is gone and her catheter was removed.  Thus, Martine was able to use a bed pan as well, for the first time in months!  And, I ate lunch in their "dining room", designed by a Food Channel star, along with 20 or 30 "residents".  On Sunday, Spirit will come along with his Daddy to see his Mommy, and the long awaited flowers, sent by my brother Bill and his wife, will be delivered on January 3rd, Martine's Birthday.


31 Dec - Martine called home on the phone twice today, thinking that today was January 1st.  [Is it the "pain" medication?]  I'll be there tomorrow to watch the Rose Parade with her.  As they are going to do a Barium Swallow Test this week to try to start Martine back to eating again, I left my advice on the voice mail box for ST; "go slow and supervise Martine's eating, as they tried this a month ago and she aspirated some food, resulting in pneumonia."


Martine wants out of her "prison", so I'll get her in a wheelchair tomorrow and at least take her out of her room and down the hall.  On her birthday (Thursday) I plan to take her outside on their patio as the temperatures will be in the upper 60s by then.  Martine also received her first Physical Therapy (PT) session at this new facility today and liked it.  As tomorrow is a holiday and all but the respiratory therapist (RT) will be at home, I'll be using some of my massage therapist training to become her PT/OT for the day.  Of course, I am finding that I need to be her Advocate, every day.

As we travel on any journey through and to anywhere (Pictured: Martine enjoying April in Paris in Y2K)., the way is to keep moving, despite the route traveled. So, we keep traveling regardless of our ups and downs or movements side to side.   


The experiences along this jhealing ourney, disprove any pie in the sky theories about having to travel on any kind of "straight and narrow" road, because Real Life has clearly dictated, to me, otherwise!


Thus, Martine needs our love now, more than ever before, so she has the energy to travel and complete her Journey through Healing.

NO FLOWERS - Send Cards to our home, please!


“The word salvation in the Bible means perfect health, harmony, and freedom.”

– according to Neale Donald Walsch



Here's to Greater Health, Hope, Love, Peace, Harmony, Joy, Freedom, Mobility and Travel, for Martine in this lifetime!



John and Martine "On Top of The World" ... at the Arctic Circle, Alaska in 2009


In the early summer of 2012, and again in 2014,, I lead a class at Prescott OLLI (on the Yavapai College campus), based on the book "Home with God", written by Neale Donald Walsch..

I thought that this class might help some of the attendees better deal with death ... not realizing that I would be one of those very people I was helping to understand death, as my wife would be on the brink of "death" within 6 months of my leading this class!


I highly recommend this book ... to help others understand this process of going Home, again and again, beyond the limited views of our world's religions.


Reading Donald's book can help you open a window to greater and grander visions and help you find a breath of fresh air, in the midst of tragedy!

P.S.  The second time I lead this class, after my wife's passing into the light (or delight), the last 3 chapters REALLY SPOKE TO ME!  So, as often happens, I was teaching what I had to learn.

WHAT IS HOME ... Really?
Home is where your heart is.

Home is the place of total embracement, of love and acceptance of all that is (and isn't); where wholeness and holiness exist.  
Home is where the Goddess-God of you resides, in your heart, and where you know that "death" is an illusion.

So where do we go upon "death"?  HOME ... deeper into our own hearts!