Spiritual Healing Arts
This page begins to document a Personal Journey beyond Earth, Our Bodies and Our Logical Minds, to get some glimpses of THE OTHER SIDE.



“How does an emotion like fear survive physical death?”


“It depends on what the soul was experiencing and feeling as it left that lifetime,” Staci replied.


Her comment reminded me that Pat had died at least twice (in past lives) while experiencing great fear— once when attacked on the prairie by Indians, a second time as a soldier in battle. I thought, too, of Penelope ( chapter 4 ), who sought healing in this lifetime for fear she had experienced at the moment of death in a previous incarnation.


 “So, what people are
feeling at the moment of death is crucial?” “Yes. As they are dying, they are thinking over their lives, and the issues that are unresolved stick with them.  Shortly after leaving the body, they usually make some decisions about that lifetime and what they do or don’t want to repeat in a future lifetime." 


"Then people should put themselves into the most joyful, loving space possible at the moment
of death?”


“Yes,” said Staci. “In my experience, the best crossings are when
people are surrounded by their loved ones. It’s the most peaceful kind of crossing.”


The above is quoted from: Your Soul's Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the  You Planned Before You Were Born (p. 202) by Robert Schwartz, (2010-05-14)..
North Atlantic Books. Kindle Edition.

What is God?

A view from

"The Other Side"


Something that Martine is passing on to us is this new understanding of God; (which is) ..
"the light that permeates all things here.  I'm aware of this closeness of this presence around me, like the guiding presence of a father.  And, it's everywhere!  Its light permeates through everything and there is a sense of never being alone; never being lonely. While you can be on your own if you wish to be, you're always feeling very connected."   "Sometimes", she says, "that doesn't always happen in the physical world."

On the Other Side


... with Martine


Here is a partial answer to my questioned yearning, in about 1967 ...

"Is there more to life than this?"


Yes there is MORE ... more than we ever dreamed of! 

"The other side is not a location in the cosmos,

it is an expression of the cosmos".

- from Home with God by Neale Donald Walsch, page 149

News and Events along Martine's Journey Beyond Time and Space!

Life is energy, moving.  When things stop moving we call them "dead".  But, as you will learn, here, the movement continues, even after "death", because Life IS ... everlasting and ever present, everywhere and every when!  Life never ceases, though it changes form often.


So, now, with unseen guides nearby (closer than a hair on your head) who are attuned to higher frequencies than most earthlings, Let's begin our journeying to "The Other Side" of the veil of forgetfulness.



Martine was, once upon a time (or more than once), my Earth Angel.  She is now much like one of my Heavenly Angels, as she is helping  our dog, cat and me along our way...

Life is the teacher; Death is one of our Lessons

Death is a lesson in transformation: transforming what could be a dark and "negative" experience into a "positive" internal response, whether before or after the death of you, your friend, spouse, or even your pet .

The Ancients termed this awakening transformation, "Finding the light within ... within the darkness of forever".

However, "death" is actually a rebirth, a new expansion into a greater awareness
of one's place within the Unified Field of Consciousness ... whether for animal or human. This is an expansive event, stemming from the properties of the soul essence, not of the physical body or mortal mind, even though these elements are also set free to become other things in other times and places.


- Inspired by P'taah (June 2014)

In one word, God is Gravity.  For, there is gravity in each and every element of the universe; a little and a lot.


So, in a down to earth, physical sense, God is Gravity.  It has been said that God is Love, but even love is attractive, because it too is gravity.  Love. like gravity pulls things together in a tendency to unify.  So we all gravitate towards love!


However: beware!  Explosion is always predicated on implosion, so sometimes things get so tightly bound, they just have to explode in their love! and spread that love far and wide  Thus, there is the coming together and the parting of ways, all done in the name of love!  And so, Love is Ever Expanding, as is the universe; all due to the attractiveness of one thing, one person and/or one energy attracted to like things, peoples and energies! 


And, God is light, life and living ... revealing all things.


is Here, There and Everywhere; in, of, and as LIFE LIVED

As All Life Exists In The Light Of Love!

For those who are living in third dimensional reality and those living in "after death" or "Afterlife"; there is only Life!  There is no "here" and there is also no "there"; thus, there is no here to there or back. There only IS!  There is no separation.  

Not only is there no concrete wall separating the "living dead" from the "dead living", there is also no "veil" between dimensional realities. For, all dimensional realities exist simultaneously, together as One.


This is the deeper meaning of: "Hear ye oh Israel, the Lord thy God is One".  For, awareness Is ... One ... in Every "Where"!

So, if you don't hear or see your "dearly departed" loved ones, it is your perception of separation that keeps you from communication and communion with your loved ones or others who moved on before you, in what you call "death", even from times in the distant past. Yes, Jesus still lives, but so do all the many masters and even the ones you think you are not like. Energy never dies, though it does change form and frequency.


So, when you desire to speak or communicate with a loved one who has "died", the connection is the Love. For, love exists both within and beyond time and space as a transcendental (modern science calls this "quantum") energy with certain electromagnetic properties, not yet well understood by
scientists. Thus, all that is required for this communion of communication is to be open to the love, the light and the life that exists in you, around you and with your loved ones and all that Is. However, as communication is a two way street, both ends must be open to the exchange of love for best results. When this happens, this truly becomes a "Holy Communion" and not an act of any "Devil"!


Awareness exists throughout the universes, all dimensions and all realities and in that context there is no "here" and there is also no "there", because all things are "here", or part of the One Isness of "God", in a Unity of Life, Light and Love.

There are, of course, some people that have a facility or talent for perceiving the energies of this communion in love and being able to communicate easily across all dimensions of time, space and many realities. These people are often called "Clairvoyant". These people are able to attune to the appropriate vibratory rates that create the abilities to see, feel, hear, sometimes smell or taste the communion of dimensions so that communication may take place. This is not better than any other talents, such as being a musician, painter, mathematician, or even a gardener. Each is a talent that uses some form of the divine energies of unconditional love which bring about certain perceptions that help one perform their particular talents well.

However, each human being has the ability, with practice, to open to the subtle energies of perception so that they may communicate beyond the grave or the jar of ashes. But, as this is all based on unconditional love, so the communication can come in any way, shape or form! As you realize this you may understand your need to realize that unconditional love has complete freedom how it may express, i.e. without conditions! Thus, communication may come as a thought, a feeling, an association of one thing with another, an idea out of the blue, a coincidence or "chance" (that was actually planned
subconsciously) or even seeing something in nature and realizing that this is a gift from the one you love!


[Editor note: I saw a rainbow last week, a beautiful blue sky out the window, upon waking, framed by golden sunlit curtains a few days later and a purple flower on a 6 foot stalk this week, and I knew in a flash each one of these moments of beauty were sent to me from my lover from beyond, Martine]


The feelings in your heart, not rationality or logic, are the only way you can "know" the truth of all this.

Now, here is something dealing with the death of a lover, friend or relative, that your science and psychologists miss.  Because the "deceased" is now out of their body (possibly out of their mind, too) there is no "veil" to cause any miscommunication. The feelings of the heart are suddenly much clearer and this can be sensed by those who are still in a body ... as they open their heart. The barrier of protection, of invulnerability, fades away and so this becomes a heart to heart communion.  A Holy Communion, beyond mere bread and wine!

Now, to bring all this a little more down to earth, you can also communicate with those who are still in the physical in much the same way. People often do this in the dream state, creating and working out those "chance meetings". But, you can also work through meditation and visualization to establish heart to heart communications with anybody in the entire world. This method can even overcome misunderstandings ... but of course, the "unconditionality of true love" does not guarantee the results you desire. But those desires do become more probable, using these ideas and beliefs along with the holy communion that exists between hearts.

Where two or more are gathered, love is in the air and in the hearts of all who have gathered! In non-physical awarenesses, this, too, is a Holy Communion, and especially if
this is in your own heart.

~ Inspired by Dr. Peebles and Ptaah (Sept 2014 T4)

ALL COMMUNICATION IS THROUGH DIVINE ENERGY .... coded and decoded, as we are each in "communion" with all of live, through love ... in a common union.

 This information has been passed from one who has "passed on"!


Information is coded energy (energy in-formation); thus information is energy and vice versa.  In the story of "creation", this is what preceded the "Big Bang"; all of them.  So, since everything is energy, including us on earth, and our physical bodies, all that information is accessible to all that can recognize and decode it.  But, of course, it’s more freely accessible between souls over here (on "The Other Side") where everything exists in complete freedom.  [This is where our freedom comes from, rather than from guns and weapons of war!]

How do you think psychics, mediums, channels or clairvoyants communicate or tap in to the past, present or future possibilities and probabilities?  How does it happen that
someone in the car next to you at a stoplight senses when you’re watching him pick his nose, and then turns to look at you?

Energy is real, even though we may not see it, and thus can be felt, merged with, shared and communicated about in many different ways. But telepathic communication —Well, I guess that’s the best way I know how to explain it, is simply the radiation and
recognition of the energies of who we are; expressed through the Love and the Life Force that is all about us, within us and is us!


NOTE:  The above is paraphrased from John's recent contacts with the Other Side and "My Son and the Afterlife": Conversations from the Other Side (pp. 144-145), by Elisa Medhus M.D., (2013-10-01).. Atria Books/Beyond Words. Kindle Edition.

"Heaven is not an actual place, it is a state of being." ... "It is a way of being.  It is 'being in heaven' through the process of self expression - which is the expression of Divinity itself, in, as and through Self."

- from Home with God, by Neale DonaldWalsch,  pg 149


"So I finished my review, and I considered what I could have done but didn’t , and what I did do but shouldn’t have. I don’t know how long the review took. I didn’t mark time. No one here marks time. But it didn’t take long, because the candles were still burning on my cake— my 'welcome home' cake."

The above is from My Son and the Afterlife: Conversations from the Other Side (p. 62), by Elisa Medhus M.D., (2013-10-01).  Atria Books/Beyond Words. Kindle Edition.


A message from some of the Spirit Guides who watch over Brother John


In order to understand the ups and downs, sides to sides, traveling in circles and much of the seeming craziness of our journey through this world, it can only be understood if we come from the perspective of recognizing that this journey, which we have chosen to participate in, is a spiritual journey.  This is, then, to understand that this is a school for the soul and to understand that we have always existed as spirit and will continue to after we are released or graduate from this school. 


And, by focusing our energies into the physical to come into the womb, we are able to gain form, identity and individuality so that through the human experience we are able to build character and personality as we learn of, apply and practice loving one another along with our other spiritual lessons, thereby anchoring our love in and of the earth, "concreting" these experiences for the growth of our soul.


Even though, we may (and often do) assume that we know what we need out of life, I assure you we don't.  We know what we want and we will do our best to bring those wants into play, but when it comes to knowing the needs of the soul, we don't.  Oh, on a subconscious level yes you know, but on a conscious level, very few people really, truly know where their deeper needs lie.


So, here lies the whole dichotomy of this, because in your life you're going to plan, organize, sometimes down to the most minutest detail and you'll go off assuming that this is how things are going to happen and unfold, and this is going to be my ultimate destination.  But, of course (as with any journey) there are twists and turns and bends in the road and there are detours that life takes upon, that we haven't taken into consideration or planned for.  And yet, what we eventually come to realize is that beneath the experience that we are enveloping in our lives, that we are moving through, there are specific lessons for the soul's growth.


And, in that (any) detour that has brought us into a set of events or challenges , depending on how you look at it, we come to realize, after the fact, that that set of events, collectively, have in many ways transformed us on an emotional level, mental level, physical level and spiritual level.  And this has brought necessary shifts that bring us to a place in our lives where we are now open to seeing things differently.   So, we're now more open to receiving (new) things into our lives differently .


Einstein said, "The only source of knowledge is experience.", so, you can't have the knowledge without the experience and life is the experience, thus it brings forth the knowledge.  And often it is not until we have passed through the experience and we look back, in retrospect, that we begin to see the reason(s) why things happened the way they did.


Even those of us with knowledge, even spiritual knowledge, can sometimes be blindsided.  Sometimes we can be caught off guard.  Sometimes, we, ourselves, are "tested", and we're going to love and we're going to laugh, we're going to lose and we're going to cry, we're going to have joy and we're going to have sorrow and through this we'll get to the very heights and also to the very depths; and sometimes that can all happen in one day.


It is as we are tested (or, as we learn), as we are stretched as we face the challenges of life all that, that they come to define who we are.  Thus, life is not about seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years; it is truly about moments and creating those moments and memories.   And then, it's about building upon those moments and memories and taking those with us, because that is the only thing we are taking with us.


But, to understand that this world is constructed to accommodate all the different kinds of souls that are to pass in this world; the Jews, the Gentiles, the Protestants, Catholics, Methodists, Spiritualists, even the Muslims, Buddhists, the Agnostics and the Atheists, all passing through this world!  And all these have a different sense of what the world is about; just as even those enlightened and those unenlightened do ... ALL BEING ACCOMMODATED BY THE GREAT SPIRIT OF CREATOR AND CREATION.  


Because of this synchronicity of spirit (often called "quantum" by scientists) , each life is created to bring each one what they need, as they need it. This is what is called "divine order", even though there may be days when we question that fact!  Thus, nothing at all happens by "chance". How wonderful this life is!

This is a message to John Kohlenberger, about his "progress" since the passing of his wife, Martine, "Into The Greater Light", as given through Chris Meredith (near Escondido California), 17 June 2013

This page is under construction during Martine's Journey ... which is, as she says, "'til the end of time". 

But it is we who have invented and defined time, and will redefine it "in time"! 

Truely, time has no beginning no end, nor is it linear, either!