Spiritual Healing Arts
When we have accomplished what we came here for, we pierce the veil of forgetfulness and arrive HOME!   In the realms beyond time and space Complete Healing always takes place ... within the renewal of love and grace!

Dr. Raymond Moody who the New York Times calls “the father of near-death studies” claims that:

“It is the study of these experiences that may finally prove life after death.”


Martine's Retirement:

Prior to her retirement, which happened on May 11, 2012, Martine told me, several times over the years, that her Astrological Chart showed that she would work all her life and then die.

Any thought, dwelled upon in the mind, becomes one's reality.

Change your mind, change your reality. We really are Co-Creators!

"You are the Gods you've been waiting for."

- Neal Donald Walsch

John's Meditation - 30 October 2012:

On the spiritual side of life, though Martine does not "need" pain and suffering, this situation (her being in the hospital for an extended time) is putting the emphasis on valued Relationships and Friendships ... for Martine, me and ALL OF US that are involved. This is part of the "spiritual purpose" of this situation. It isn't "all bad", as Martine has these health challenges partly because she has "programmed them" in her subconscious ... possibly before this lifetime. However, God and her Higher Self loves her so dearly and completely that anything she chooses is lovingly allowed.

  Further, it "says" ... until she tires of these health crises, she will continue to be in a hospital. Complicating this, she doesn't see how she may receive love by giving cooking classes, sharing travel experiences, coffee with friends or church activities, any more. Sickness is often a way to receive the love one needs but doesn't know is there for them, anyway.


NOTE: Please poke around this website to learn more about some of the Metaphysical factors concerning health and healing and the lack thereof.

In this world, death exists as a part of life, so that we may appreciate life even more, even though it is well known that beyond death's door is more (different) life.

My Shared Near Death Experience (NDEs or SDEs) with my wife

What in the world?  Or is this (are these experiences) an indication of other worlds, realities or dimensions inter-between and/or beyond this world of consensus physical reality?


On this page, you may read about shared death experiences (SDEs), which are common death-bed visions and near-death experiences that family, friends and care givers witness along with a person who is dying, as they pass, ‘temporarily’ or ‘permanently’ from this life to the next.


Learn more at www.SharedDeathStudy.org

Love Everlasting ... Transcends All Time and Space ... Forever!

Thus, Love is often called a transcendent energy for new experiences.

Dreams of Paradise!

As witnessed in a Shared Near Death Experience by Rev. John M. Kohlenberger (a very rational man of science), on the morning January 29 2013, the day before the soul of his wife, Martine, finally released her body back to the Earth and Mother Nature, while her essence (soul energy) took flight in the freedom of All-That-Is, was and ever shall be.


Early in the early morning of January 29th, I was dreaming about someting and then it seemed that I was seeing flashes of light. This kept up until these flashes finally got my attention and I began to focus on them.

As I turned my attention to them, it seemed that they were sparkles of light that were coming from glistening water droplets. As I my awareness then began to expand, I saw that they were coming from a beautiful little waterfall. I then observed that there was a continuous stream of water coming to the waterfall and it continued downstream. Nearby was an even bigger waterfall. There were many waterfalls and they all fed a large pond or lake!

As I looked around, I saw trees, rocks and earth around the lake and everything was alive with joy. Everything was displayed in Living Color. The colors, shapes and energy of everything was Vibrant with Life! Yes, even the nearby buildings were alive as even their walls emitted life, light and love. Yes, there were also beautiful birds and flowers, all alive with radiant, vibrant beauty.

This was a scene that Martine was showing me, as she was passing her conscious focus from this world to her Next Grandest Adventure, as she lay as we awaited her last breath in a Hospice of the Valley home in Phoenix, AZ. This dream was so vivid, and awe striking that I was awakened by the awareness of all that shear life, light and beauty, thinking "This must be Martine's 'Heaven' that she is now experiencing".

The sunrise was just about to take place, and I was tired, so I went back to sleep   After I went back to sleep, I was in one of the buildings near that lake. This was like a deluxe resort and Martine and I were talking. What we talked about, I do not remember, but the feeling was glorious, as we had not been able to speak back and forth (physically) since January 5th, just before her body had gotten severely dehydrated, putting her electrolytes "deathly" out of balance, causing major destruction of the cellular functions of her cerebral cortex and brain stem. Thus, signs of comma and limited bodily responses followed on January 6th (Epiphany) as her body now lay dormant, just hanging onto life, eyes and mouth open as if it was already "dead".

Martine then told me that she had to take a shower and get dressed before she went out the door to go do some things that she had to do, elsewhere. She said, "You can stay here and relax, do what you need to do, for now ". She then went into the shower.  

When she came out of the shower, all naked, I noticed that her body was now all white, clean and she was revitalized and refreshed. Somehow, I do not remember seeing her get dressed, but I do remember seeing her go out the door to "follow her path" in that beauteous living world, as we said "Good Bye", she said to me, "I'm going out the door now, but you can catch up with me later.", knowing the we shall meet again ... and again, as life goes on even though the body returns to the earth from where of all its physical "elements" came from.

Martine's body took its last breath of life in this world at 7:54 on January 30th, 2013, and she rests in Peace, in the bosom of everlasting Life, Light, Love and Creation, getting ready for MORE AND GREATER EXPRESSIONS OF LIFE, LIGHT AND LOVE, throughout the infinies of multiverses, throughout THE ONE TIME THAT IS ALL TIME!

After noticing flashes of light in my dream, at about 6:30 or 7 AM on on January 29th, 2013, on closer examination I noticed that they were sparkles of light rerflecting in the water droplets, that were in a stream, running over a waterfall, into a lake with rocks and trees around it and some nearby buildings.  Life abounded here!


The above is a very rough sketch of the world that Martine helped me to become aware of as she was preparing to leave her body focus. Her new world was vibrant with rich colors, half surreal, where EVERYTHING WAS ALIVE, EVEN THE DIRT, THE SKY AND THE ROCKS!


We had our last conversation (a good one) and our good byes (for now) in the near building.  The feeling of the whole place was joyous, like being on vacation in a resort.


P.S. I'll be working on this picture over the next several months, updating it from time to time. - Rev. John M. Kohlenberger, HHP

The sparkle of water droplets, once called "undines" as the water elementals in the alchemical works of Paracelsus, are actually coded messages being flashed to us by the water as it speaks to us, using the medium of light!


So, you may now understand what is behind (deep in naturte) the fact that we are now communicating around the world using light pulses, through our physical medium called "fiber optics"?


from 'the other side' to here and now


(Me) Some of the dreams (actually a SNDE) that I had around the time that Martine "passed" showed me some beautiful scenes, where the colors were vibrant because everything was alive, including the rocks, the dirt and even the sky!


(Dr. P) And, so as one passes, so do all the illusions of separation, so you're not holding anything at arm's length in that period of transition.  So all the colors come to life and you see that all the space around you has never been empty in the first place - It's
all full, it's all one.  (And there's glorious colors between you and the telephone right now, what have you.)  And so, it's a remarkable experience.  And you are given the gift of being able to see all this in your dream state.  That was specific to you from Martine. Little gifts from the heavens!

As I have said before, Martine is the Gift, for me, that keeps on giving.

"It was like I was pure consciousness and I was filling the room and beyond that.

 - Anita Moorjanis experience of releasing from her body

"We're all facets of the one consciousness." - Moorjani


In the great transition we call "death", life does not end; all life becomes one, as in coming into the center off all universes where the unity of God-Goddess and All-That-Is is known ... within each individual consciousness! 


Thus, one is reunited with their loved ones, yes, even prior pets (as shown here, as Martine with her friend Darty).


Not only has Martine met many long-lost human relatives, but she has also been reunited with all her dogs and cats of years gone by. 


She sometimes likes to relax, enjoy and just be with them, as they are pure love, with no judgements, even about  their earthly sojourns, for Love makes no judgements!

This page is under construction during Martine's Journey.